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Nazih remained on the bench against Portugal (photo by Anthony Morin).

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Nimes Olympic

Nazih as a spectator. It was on the bench that Nim Amjad Nazih (19) was present yesterday at the draw for the French under-20 team against Portugal (1-1). The crocodile, whose name was mentioned six times during Olympique’s matches this season (Ajaccio, Guingamp, Amiens, Paris, Le Havre and Ajaccio) but did not play, was an understudy for Guingampe » Hugo Bardet (2 matches). in L2 this season). Nimes and the under-17s and under-18s could have a chance as France under-20s face Portugal again on Tuesday at 15:00 in Clairefontaine. The decision rests with coach Bernard Diomedes.

Ines as reinforcements. A few years ago, fans nostalgic for the prosperous years of Nimes Olympique expressed their desire to see the statue erected in memory of Kader Firoud, the legendary player and later coach of the Crocodiles, which can be seen in some of the major clubs. As a result, the project never saw the light of day. But since yesterday, there really is a statue in front of the stadium in Nîmes. This is a woman (Ines), a woman with a round belly, which symbolizes all the mothers in the world. It was donated to the city of Nimes by Pascal Hijazi-Faraoui, a dental surgeon from Nimes. The latter does not forget the crocodiles: “ I would like Nimes Olympique players to come to the feet of the statue of Ines before their next match and pray. You can even hang a NO handkerchief on it, it will bring them good luck. » So the people of Nîmes are warned: if they want to win on Saturday at En Avant de Guingamp, they are advised to turn into the Les Bleus roundabout and ask for the favor of Ines, the symbol of all mothers.


Franck Maurice (A), Nimes coach, replaced by Yann Balmosier (B) (pictured is Anthony Morin)

Balmosier replaced Maurice.. Bye green team Tomorrow night plays the first match of the Europa League in Slovenia, the club from Nimes has decided to change the coach. On Monday, a USAM statement announced that ” Franck Maurice and David Tebib decided to entrust the professional team until the end of the season to Jan Balmosier. (While its dajooint, editor’s note) with the support of Jerome Chauvet. Frank Maurice (50) has been USAM’s coach since November 2014 and it was under his leadership that the club returned to Europe. Nimes are currently ninth in the Star League, four points behind the top five, synonymous with European qualification for next season.

Mikael Guigu is part of the group that will travel to Slovenia on Tuesday (Photo by Yannick Pons)

Group change. Without Franck Maurice (see above), Nimes will fly to Velenje tomorrow morning to play in the first leg of the round of 16 of the European league. After the heavy defeat inflicted by the MHB on Saturday at Parnassus, changes are taking place in the Usamist group. The young Queiroz cedes his seat to Sanad, who served three match suspensions after an incident with the referee during a match with Nancy. Thus, the group from Nimes looks like this: Debonnet, Paul (goalkeepers); Rebichon, Guigou, Dupuis, Bonnefont, Minel, Nyateu, Yasuhira, M. Salou, Gallego, Sanad, Gibernon, Jacobsen Poyet and Aquivillo (not sure).

Football N3

Ales and Nim II finished well. The weekend was fruitful for OAC and the Nîmes Olympique reserves, but it took them a long time to win. In the Gars derby between Ales and Aigues Mort, the meeting was not decided for a long time. Le Saline Fangier (37as well as) answering Cévennes Franco (14as well as). Only in the last minutes of Saudi (84as well as) and Abelinti (90as well as) freed Alesien, who won 3-1 and remains a solid leader of the group. The Nîmes reservists also had to be patient and wait for El Ftoui until the last moment (86as well as) scored a goal in a short but precious 1-0 victory. Nim never ceases to amaze with three wins, a draw and a loss in the last five days. This victory over Rodez’s reserves allows them to no longer be last and return three points behind Muret in 12th well as. Finally, Boker lost 1–0 to Alberez-Argelès, scoring a goal with 10 minutes left. SB 30 suffered their third defeat in a row. The league is suspended this week, except for OAC, who will take the opportunity to update their calendar and play their late match against Alberez-Argelès (Saturday at 19:00). If they win, the leaders of the Cévennes will be seven points ahead of Agde, the dolphin, eight days before the end of the championship.

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