LoL: Riot’s Biggest Flop Turns 6: A Look at the Most Disappointing Champion of All Time

You may think that it is not so far away, but six years have already passed. that Aurelion Sol landed on League of Legends. The dragon promised by Riot Games and expected for years has succeeded the famous and canceled Ao Shin to become the Star Maker. A character capable of subordinating to his will even that which goes beyond the limits of human knowledge. The most powerful creature according to Lore and still considered one of the biggest failures of Riot Games when it comes to character creation.

The champion the community has been waiting for years

Taking a quick look at this dragon’s stats, the truth is that he has never been a bad champion when it comes to performance. However, he has a flat electrocardiogram in terms of player interest. In each of the lists we compiled to review the less popular champions, he took first place and celebrated his birthday as lonely as ever. Judging by all the ratings, he is chosen only in 0.5% of games. The skarner that was chosen for the remake is the only one less popular and the difference is 0.04%.

Before he became a TFT Little Legend, Ao Shin was the most famous canceled champion.

The numbers would be paltry for any champion, but even more so for a champion released at a time when League of Legends was governed by more modern design rules and no one required a character to be released every two weeks. They are also unacceptable for what has been the most anticipated champion in gaming history. Ao Shin may not have anything to say to players who have recently joined the title from Riot Games, but he was a real legend for those of us who started playing in the second or third season and heard about him for many years.

Why didn’t Aurelion work?

Riot Games often notes that monstrous champions are less popular with the community than champions in humanoid form. However, Aurelion Sol’s failure cannot be explained from this perspective. We all want to embody an intergalactic dragon that can call on the stars. But, several gameplay issues seem to account for the character’s major flaws. which was too powerful on its own, and whose mechanics many players found a little clunky.

When he was released, Aurelion Sol was too powerful for his own good.  - League of Legends
When he was released, Aurelion Sol was too powerful for his own good.

When Aurelion Sol came out, he could do too much. Even without protective equipment (this was his big drawback)he could push his lane with amazing ease, allowing him to instantly move around the map. and create a numerical superiority, obliging his counterpart to constantly remain under his tower. Players quickly realized the potential of the champion and this spawned a large number of alternative strategies. It was very attractive to players who played as a team (and therefore were organized) and those who spent enough hours to explore all the possibilities.

However, it was this situation that hammered the first nail in his coffin. Aurelion Sol’s great power soon led to a deluge of nerfs that made him laugh until Riot Games gave him the final blow, rendering his W (Celestial Expansion) permanently inactive.. It’s all because of his over-mobility, which focused all his power and led to the weakening of champions like Thalia or Twisted Fate.о

This move explains well what the champion’s problem was.

This situation led to a unique game pattern that players didn’t like.. The character had no mobility, but was forced to stay at a distance in order to deal damage that was very difficult to control and was significantly lower than other mages. Something that pushed him into oblivion – even though Riot Games stopped nerfing him a long time ago. Even in the competitive cycle, where he had good times, he fell into oblivion: in the last one and a half seasons, he did not appear even once.

With his sixth birthday approaching, rumors begin to swirl of a possible redesign to change some of his abilities and make him the champion he was meant to be. However, it looks like it’s one of the toughest projects League of Legends will face if it decides to take it on. Overcoming a failure of this magnitude is no easy task, but we would like nothing but justice for what should have been one of the game’s most exciting champions.

Before level 6, some League of Legends champions are not very strong. So, who are the ones for whom change is the most drastic once this milestone has been passed?

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