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A massive sprint smiled at the juniors of the French team. Unlike their male counterparts, juniors and Espoirs, the women covered the 77 kilometers around Bösinge. The last meters of the race were judged by the paving stones, which was a little different from the usual sprint. And in this game, Moren Tregouet took 3rd place (see rating). “I am very happy, I did not expect such a result at all. I’m a little sorry that I started too early, 200 meters on the cobbles. But it was the first such race, so I’m happy. The first two were too strong, I knew them. There is a little regret, but 3rd place in the Nations Cup is not bad”– Smiled Breton on the return train.


The race before the final was very calm. “I knew it would be difficult to create a breakaway with a 100m climb in 70km…Nothing, it was very hard, there was not the slightest breakaway attempt, so we were all bouldering. , For me it’s perfect, I’m a sprinter. I come from cross country so it’s good for cobbles and I have trail to rub well. It was for me, I wanted to perform well on such a track. “, she said. This passivity can be explained by ignorance of the cobblestones. “As for the big powers, when things moved on, we immediately felt like we were being ordered to finish the sprint. We could try to rush, but we never tried. We didn’t know too much where this would lead. on the cobblestones, except for the Belgians and the Dutch, it looked good. We still have to work on positioning at the level, but we had a good talk, we listened well, the team was good”.

When the sprint began, Moren Tregouet chose to steer. “I like being free so we didn’t train with the team. I took the German train, I knew it was a good country with a good train. The pilot fish left too early, I was first in 200 meters, it was not my intention, I rubbed well to put myself that I did it, but I was overtaken in the last meters. The sprint haunts her, but she does not exclude that she did it several times in her head. “We can’t race again, but I tell myself that turning left… It was a UK and Italy train, but I could not have done better. strength that plays and I had less. I think about it, but could I do it … I don’t think”.


Les Bleues didn’t necessarily play everything for the girl, even if Morin Tregouet was a logical contender for a good result. “Not necessarily for me, Liz Menage is also a good runner, we were two sprinters in the group. The rest are more for strikes or fish. We didn’t talk to each other “today you are protected”. And this place on the podium was a pleasant surprise for the Breton. “It’s still a good classic, we hear about it a lot, but it’s still too early in the season to be in great shape even if I was very good. This was not my goal at all. selection, there was an injury, I didn’t do an intensive course during the internship. The coach evened me out anyway. From there, to perform and do 3, that was not the goalShe is laughing.

On this Belgian soil, it must be said that Morin Treguet feels completely at ease. “These are my favorite races, I like to rub, I’m not afraid. I have very good memories of cobblestones in the Netherlands, this is my favorite. It is a pity that we do not have such races in France. I would like to comment on this. Thus, there is no need for special training in this type of exercise. “We defined my goals, my workouts, etc. I was still a little scared because I didn’t know my state of form, and out there, on a world level, you never know if it will pass.”. His period of form is planned for later, in the French road and track championships and in the Coupe de France. “But you don’t have to be efficient, just work well to be in good shape in July and August when you need to be in shape.”. Morin Tregue shows that she can still excel when form is not at its best.

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