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Most of the news this morning is the continuation of the congressional marathon to review the budget of New Caledonia, the death associated with the Covid pandemic, the study of the concentration of nickel in our bodies, the opening of the borders of New Zealand in May, or the wishes for studies to be formulated at Parcoursup.

Electrical Congress meeting, yesterday. From noon until early evening, the elected officials of Boulevard Vauban considered the draft of New Caledonia’s primitive budget for 2022. His general presentation was the subject of long negotiations before voting for the first text (history is here).

If the separatists defend this austerity budget, then the loyalist camp denounces “militant” arbitrations to the detriment of municipalities and provinces, as well as certain sectors such as vocational training or social systems. The rest today from 8 o’clock.

While Caledonia has waived mandatory indoor masks, yesterday’s Covid-19 update was a stark reminder that the decline does not mean the end of the epidemic. : a person over seventy years of age who suffered from concomitant diseases died. She was vaccinated with two doses. Caledonia now regrets the 311 victims of this coronavirus.

Other figures: 41 new cases have been reported in the last seventy-two hours, giving 404 active cases and a seven-day cumulative incidence rate of 96 per 100,000 inhabitants (compared to 123 on Friday). Two patients are in intensive care and fourteen patients are hospitalized in Covid units.

The concentration of nickel in the urine of Caledonians is twice that of metropolitans. This is evidenced by a study conducted on the Isle of Pines, Yata, Huaylou, Poya and Lifou. Questionable: The concentration of nickel as well as chromium in the soil, which can contaminate watersheds, hence tap water and food.
The work marked by Cresica: Today and Tomorrow, in Nouméa presents a research program that brings together fourteen projects dedicated to this water issue.

Two practitioners will leave Caledonia this year. For patients, the waiting time for an appointment is lengthened from six months to a year. Faced with this situation, some orthoptists suggest taking certain actions. The government must issue a decree if it wishes to develop the skills of New Caledonian orthoptists.

Notice to last year’s graduates wishing to continue their studies in metropolitan France. They have until tomorrow 9am Caledonian time to submit their wishes on the Parcoursup platform. The second stage will be the confirmation of these oaths. Deadline April 7th. Additional information can be obtained from the information and orientation center by phone 26 61 66.

Good news for vaccinated travelers: Following Australia, New Zealand is reopening its borders without lockdown conditions from May 2. Aircalin’s first rotation to Auckland is scheduled for May 8th. The company will operate one flight a week, every Sunday, and from June – two. Read the entry conditions here.

Yesterday in Los Angeles coda, directed by Frenchman Philippe Roussel, was recognized as the best film at the Oscars. remake Aries family stole the show dog power. But this western still allowed the New Zealander Jane Campion to receive the award for best director. Twenty-eight years after winning an Oscar for piano lesson. The pride of Clement Boucher, a young Caledonian who worked on this film in terms of special effects. Along with his colleagues from ALT VFX, he watched the ceremony from Sydney, where he lives.
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Clara Neves Iliou, organizer of the first influencer evening in Caledonia, was the guest of the morning. On this occasion, a close-up of the digital profession that is gaining momentum right here. The interview, which can be found on our website this morning.

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