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Situation in Ukraine

Updated 03/28/2022

Find all the information you need related to the conflict in Ukraine.

National information from the Ministry of the Interior

Dossier of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, bringing together current events related to the situation in Ukraine:

Assistance to citizens of Ukraine in France

A platform for associations and individuals listing volunteer missions, housing and hosting proposals.

Details those wishing to submit offers for accommodation should also report them on the platform.

Accommodation offers nearest legal entities (local governments, associations, companies) are intended to be recorded in digital form, posted on the Internet at the following address:

Information for citizens of Ukraine

Find all the information about staying in France for citizens of Ukraine:

> SIDPC V5 FLYER – Format: PDF
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  • Regional information and reception center

A regional information and reception center has been opened for Ukrainian citizens on all issues related to accommodation and administrative procedures in the Alpes-Maritimes.

This regional center, which is part of the national reception system for displaced Ukrainians, offers temporary accommodation and assistance to Ukrainian citizens in other departments or regions of France.

bowling Gallaratto

boulevard Jean Luciano 18, Nice (entrance from
across from OGC NICE headquarters)

open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

> Regional Center – French/English/Ukrainian/Russian – Format: PDF
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In view of the emergency situation in Ukraine, France, like many Member States, is implementing a system of emergency accommodation for animals that do not meet these requirements.

In this regard, we invite people who have recently entered the territory of France with an animal that does not meet these regulatory requirements, contact your veterinarian or the Department of Population Protection as soon as possible.

For all information click HERE

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Business Information

  • The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Reconstruction offers answers to frequently asked questions and several points of contact for companies affected by the Ukrainian crisis, depending on the problem: impact – about economic activity
  • a single contact portal designed for business is also created jointly by consular networks (chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of commerce and crafts, agricultural chambers). This portal allows companies to be informed about measures tailored to their situation and forwarded to the appropriate interlocutors. This portal has been available since March 21, 2022:
  • Finally, companies in difficulty can contact the Permanent Representative of CODEFI at the following address: Consists of DDFIP, URSSAFUnion for the Collection of Social Security Contributions and Family Benefits from the Banque de France, DDEETS and the local CRP, it is designed to study the specific situation of the companies that apply to it, to carry out diagnostics and, if necessary, to propose a recovery strategy.

Private donations

For donations, it is recommended to contact your municipality if the latter organizes a collection, in order to know exactly what products are being requested.
Major charities are also being recruited, and some are recommending financial support instead.

Corporate donations

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has activated a company assistance fund, which complements the assistance fund for local authorities. This allows all companies that wish to contribute financially to emergency actions coordinated by specialized teams from the Ministry’s Crisis and Support Center.
These contributions will finance the purchase and dispatch of emergency humanitarian aid to meet the immediate needs of the victims of the conflict.

  • Learn more about the Business Competition Fund by clicking HERE

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Community Donations

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has activated the External Action Fund for Local Authorities (FACECO) to collect financial support from local authorities for humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. This fund is managed by specialized groups from the ministry’s crisis center and support center. This allows for more targeted management and ensures that amounts paid are tracked.

  • More information about FACECO by clicking HERE

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Alpes-Maritimes prefecture press releases

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