Ukraine, pensions and Notre Dame: “Update” of the week

IThe war in Ukraine now intersperses our daily lives with its share of anxiety. On the cover of the magazine of the week, Vladimir Putin “Eradicator. With the conflict now in its third week, how far does the master of the Kremlin want to go? Can he lose? Dot continues to mobilize its editorial staff.

Having just returned from probing the population in Russia, Mark Nekson explains how the Kremlin is consolidating its grip on the country. Every day we bring you coverage as close to the field as possible, with the fighters defending Kyiv, as well as across the country and among its neighbors, in line of sight of the Russian giant. With the return of war on the Old Continent, the European Union is closing ranks, as Emmanuel Berretta explains, and is trying to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, while the conflict sends shock waves through the global economy. Our expert Jean Guinel continues to decipher the military situation as a Russian attack on Kyiv appears to be on the way. Our interviews with great intellectuals and specialists, as well as our columnists and editorialists, analyze this historical and dramatic news.

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In campaign

The war in Ukraine is preventing Emmanuel Macron, who has declared himself a candidate by wire, from running a normal election campaign. A downside, sure, but also an undeniable plus for a big poll favorite that seems to be dominating its rivals. Less than 30 days before the first ballot, the presidential candidate has resumed a hitherto sluggish campaign by announcing his desire to raise the legal retirement age from 62 to 65, like Valerie Pekress.

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Emmanuel Macron said: he will not participate in any debate with his rivals until the first round, like his predecessors who are candidates for their succession. Others have chosen to duel, such as Valerie Pekress and Eric Zemmour, whose campaigns are gaining momentum. The two candidates parted ways on Thursday night at the LCI, illustrating the war between the right and the far right, while Marine Le Pen, whose intentions to vote for the right to go to the second round, tries to appear the only one able to unite despite the rallying of Eric Zemmour of his niece Marion Marechal.

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Corsica on fire

A week after the assassination attempt on Ivan Colonna, on March 2, in the prison of Arles, where he was imprisoned for the murder of the prefect Claude Erignac, in 1998, tension in Corsica continues to grow. Clashes around official government buildings are on the rise, signaling mounting anger despite government calls for calm. As a sign of appeasement, the government has removed the status of “specially detained” (OPS) Colonna and two other members of the commandos Alain Ferrandi and Pierre Alessandri, which prevents his reconciliation in the island prison. Find our correspondent’s information and analysis on the Julian Mattei website.

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How to protect the defenseless? Dot introduces you to these lawyers who have defended what they consider to be “monsters”: Salah Abdeslam, the main defendant in the November 13, 2015 attacks, Nordal Lelandais, convicted of two murders, including the murder of little Maelis, 8 years old, Yussuf Fofana, leader of the “gang barbarians”, who tortured Ilan Halimi to death, etc. These black robes are in contact with the most notorious criminals. Do they have a conscience? What kind of relationship did they have with the client? Every Tuesday a meeting with one of these “devil’s advocates”. Episode one: Master Lillian Glock, attorney for serial killer Francis Holm.

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Another failure for PSG.

A terrible disappointment for the capital club, who were eliminated on Tuesday in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League by Real Madrid (3:2 in all home and away matches). The defeat scenario is bitter and reminiscent of two previous fiascos, in 2017 and 2019. For Qatar, the owner of the club, who had hoped for the final victory in European competition, a few months before the hosting of the World Cup on its territory, this is a real cold shower.

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Spotlight on Notre Dame

How, on the night of April 15, 2019, a handful of men and women went to a huge bonfire in the heart of Paris to save the thousand-year-old stones and, moreover, a certain idea of ​​the French genius. This is the movie we’ve been waiting for and it will hit theaters on Wednesday, March 16th. Its director Jean-Jacques Annaud reveals all the secrets Notre Dame is on firea breathtaking dive into the heart of the Salvation Cathedral.

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Thinking about France

In general, what is France? From César to Césaire, from Bodin to de Gaulle, through Michelet and Renan, a multifaceted portrait of the country emerges: a strong France, assimilating, centralizing, colonial, but also a humanistic France, independent, hospitable, open, etc. Which one to choose? Lawyers, chroniclers, politicians, philosophers, writers testify to this: from the very beginning, from the first steps of the Merovingian kingdom to the Revolution, France built its identity step by step, often under a headwind, and its history is also a fierce struggle for unity. Discover our new special edition now on sale.

CASEThinking about France

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