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At Zemmour’s meeting, the crowd chants “Macron’s killer.”

On Sunday, March 27, the terms “Macron’s killer” were chanted by the crowds attending a meeting of Erik Zemmour in Paris. The formula, which the candidate did not react to at the time, provoked a strong reaction from his competitors. Figaro live

Hearing-impaired candidate”, “humiliation” … Emmanuel Macron responds to “Macron’s killer” uttered during Zemmour’s meeting

Emmanuel Macron, a candidate for re-election as President of the Republic, traveled to Dijon on Monday, March 28, to meet with high school students. The outgoing president took the opportunity to respond to the “Macron killer” uttered during Eric Zemmour’s meeting at the Trocadero this weekend. Figaro live

Amazing moment at the Oscars-2022: Will Smith punched Chris Rock on stage

The 2022 Oscars takes its shocking look from its 94th edition, but would probably get by without it. Will Smith stunned the crowd at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday when he took the stage where he punched comedian and comedian Chris Rock who was presenting the segment. An act of violence that turned the room cold. Figaro live

Presidential 2022: Can there be surprises?

Jean-Daniel Levy, Associate Director of Harris Interactive, was at Viewpoints to analyze political news. tags Figaro live

A new night of violence in Sevran after the death of the driver of a stolen car, killed by a policeman

Urban violence flared up again on the night of Sunday 27 March to Monday 28 March in Sevran (Saint-Saint-Denis) and a bus was burned in Aulnay-sous-Bois, a new episode of tension following the death on Saturday of a man driving. a stolen van killed by a police officer. Figaro live

Covid-19: Should we be concerned?

Professor Jean-Louis Théboul, head of intensive care and resuscitation at Bicêtre Hospital, was at Viewpoints to decipher the health situation in France. Figaro live

“The rhetoric of a providential man”: lawyer Bertrand Perrier transcribes Zemmour’s speech at the Trocadero.

In this edition of Battle Rhetoric, our video series that analyzes the oratory style of major presidential candidates, Bertrand Perrier, lawyer and public speaking coach, recalls Erik Zemmour’s last meeting at the Place du Trocadero. The right-wing nationalist candidate, who used “performative speech”, presents himself throughout his speech as “the only possible savior of France”. Bertrand Perrier deciphers in this video the “catastrophic rhetoric of the providential man” that has been used over and over again in Eric Zemmour’s speeches since the beginning of his campaign. Figaro live

“This is a response to an insult”: half a thousand demonstrators gathered at the CRS barracks near Bastia

Two rallies, quickly punctuated by brawls, took place on Sunday, March 27, in front of two barracks near Bastia and Ajaccio, at the call of independence organizations that accuse the CRS of singing the Marseillaise on the day of the funeral of activist Ivan Colonna. This is reported by AFP journalists. Figaro live

Two Israeli police officers killed in terrorist attack

On Sunday, March 27, Israeli police inspected a vehicle believed to belong to two armed men involved in the attack, which resulted in the death of two policemen. The Islamic State (IS) group claimed responsibility for the attack in the northern city of Hadera. The local police chief said the two fighters, Israeli Arabs identified by Israeli intelligence as local ISIS fighters, were killed by counter-terrorism officers who were nearby. Figaro live

US-France: How far will the revival movement go?

Anne Toulouse, author of “Wokisme, will France be infected?” was in Points of View to decipher the evolution of the awakening movement in France. Figaro live

The Bridgerton Chronicle Season 2: “It’s a Pure Escape”

To the eldest son Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) in search of an impeccable wife, all the duties and cares of a noble title. To his younger brothers, Benedict and Colin, all the pleasures and idleness of Regency London! To mark the launch of Season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicles on Netflix, TV Magazine spoke with its translators Luke Thompson and Luke Newton. This namesake played a prank on the 32-year-old and 29-year-old Brits on set. One mistakenly restores the scenes of the other. Still in the background, the duo will soon have to, like his predecessors Phoebe Dynevor and Jonathan Bailey, carry a series of blue flowers on their shoulders. Figaro live

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