“We are only at the beginning of the journey,” launch Brun Poirson and the #EC2022 team.

21:45 February 26, 2022, modified at 13:37 February 27, 2022

Gathered as part of the non-partisan Collective #EC2022, 150 experts from civil society, academia, business, government and voluntary sectors are campaigning to put the circular economy at the center of presidential election agendas.

Here is their platform. The Waste Control Act for the Circular Economy turns two years old. The first major French law on this subject, it profoundly changes our economic system. Some of its world-first measures are already being applied. The ban on the disposal of unsold items encourages donations to structures fighting instability, as well as the social and solidarity economy. The creation of a maintainability index protects the purchasing power of consumers. Plastic packaging of fruits and vegetables is prohibited.

The law expands producers’ responsibility for waste management by reinforcing the polluter pays principle. New sectors have been created such as construction waste, the main cause of illegal dumping, sporting goods, toys, leisure goods, DIY or even cigarette butts. This law puts France at the forefront of the transition to a circular economy. Foreign investors were not mistaken. But we are only at the beginning of the journey. The next President of the Republic will have to tackle two important challenges simultaneously: the ecological transition and the reduction of inequality. A real social project, the circular economy meets these two challenges.

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In 2022 and beyond, let’s close the loop! Assembled as a non-partisan collective of #EC2022, we, 150 experts from civil society, academia, companies, the government and volunteer sectors, are advocating for the circular economy to be at the center of presidential election agendas. . We call on candidates to commit themselves so that our economic system will continue its transformation.

To end the waste of our resources, let’s prioritize recycled materials. To do this, we will establish a gradual ban on the release to the market of products and packaging made exclusively from virgin materials. Waste is predominantly a local resource. Let’s create a demand shock for recycled materials by creating jobs in the heart of our territories. Let’s promote used goods to support the purchasing power of the French. Let’s create a reduced VAT rate for goods that are durable, reusable, refurbished or made from recycled materials.

We call on candidates to make commitments so that our economic system will continue to transform

The state and local authorities should lead by example. Public procurement should allow the relocation of our industry, systematically prioritizing remanufactured products in France. A sustainable supply of raw materials must become a reality. For sovereign France, we must regain control of strategic metals using our waste. The launch of a major investment plan for new plants is essential.

Presidential candidates commit to continue making France the world’s laboratory for the circular economy.


  1. Brun Poirson, Accor
  2. Pierre-Emmanuel Saint-Esprit, ZACK and founder of #EC2022
  3. Marie Castelli, Back Market
  4. Eddie Bonnal, contractor
  5. Lauren Tallon, Gobi
  6. Jean-Marc Boursier, entrepreneur
  7. Eva Lafon, student
  8. Stephan Arino, Tomra
  9. Alexandra Lange, Circular Now
  10. Pierre-Yves Bourlo, Dry environment
  11. Emmanuel Ledoux, National Circular Economy Institute
  12. Guillaume Herisson, Ares Group (ESS)
  13. Celine Dassonville, Ethiwork
  14. Maxime Delavalie, CrushON
  15. Estefania Larranaga, Place2Swap
  16. Jean Moreau, Phoenix and the Impact France movement
  17. Sylvie Delassus, Bone 3D
  18. Julien Dubois, France Auto Reman
  19. Jordan Allush, Ecolobby
  20. Sarah Bonnet, Circul’R
  21. Axel Darut, environmental public relations officer
  22. Marie-Clémence Landrin, student
  23. Thibault Lamarck, Castalia
  24. Rachel Dethier, Sirrmiet
  25. Clement Chenoute, consultant
  26. Eleonora Blondeau, Industrial Startup Collective
  27. Faudil Moussi, In-Kind Donation Agency

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