when a new premium smartphone is almost half the price

Xiaomi’s new high-end smartphones have recently gone on sale in France. And yet it is already possible to get Xiaomi 12 at a very big discount on AliExpress, because the price drops from 869.99 euros to just 489.29 euros.

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Updated on 03/28/2022 at 04:05 PM: The proposal has become a victim of its own success.

original article : Xiaomi, widely known for its entry-level and mid-range smartphones, is also entering the premium segment. The brand has also recently introduced two new premium devices that are at the top of the basket from the Chinese manufacturer, and Xiaomi 12, which is one of them, is already 44% cheaper thanks to this exclusive offer.

Briefly about Xiaomi 12

  • It features a 120Hz AMOLED FHD+ screen.
  • Powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  • Universal photomodule.
  • And fast charging

Made a few days ago officially at a price of 869.99 euros, Xiaomi 12 (8 + 128 GB) is already available for sale for only 489.29 euros on AliExpress using a promo code. 328FR60.

Xiaomi 12: when a new premium smartphone costs almost half the price
Xiaomi 12 costs 489.29 euros with a promo code // Source: AliExpress.

If after this the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, look below to find other offers for Xiaomi 12. The table is updated automatically.

Where could I buy

Xiaomi 12 at the best price?

Lightweight smartphone with a beautiful finish

The Xiaomi 12 is the brand’s most affordable high-end smartphone, and it makes a few concessions to the Pro model to cut the bill. The design is not much different from its predecessor, but the Chinese manufacturer has improved the formula to provide a pleasant user experience, especially in terms of handling. The Xiaomi 12 is smaller than before, thanks to a width of 69.9mm (compared to 74.6mm on the Mi 11) and a 6.28-inch screen (compared to 6.8 inches on the Mi 11). It also gets lighter, 16 grams less on the scale.

In addition to being a pleasure to hold, the finish is exemplary and this boundless look creates a nice immersive effect. While the Pro model offers WQHD+ resolution, the Xiaomi 12 has a Full HD+ screen. This is an excellent panel with balanced colors and good brightness thanks to OLED technology. The panel even offers a 120Hz refresh rate for better interface fluidity. Watching content is a pleasure, and with two Dolby Atmos-compatible Harman Kardon speakers, even more so.

Powered by the best chip from Qualcomm

In terms of power, the Xiaomi 12 does not have to be ashamed of its older brother because, like him, it is equipped with the latest chip from Qualcomm: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. On the other hand, the classic model comes with 8 GB of RAM, against 12 GB of RAM on the version Pro. The Xiaomi 12 still performs well every day and will be able to run all the 3D games you want, even at maximum graphical conditions. The chip also provides access to the 5G network. Please note that this smartphone runs on Android 12.

Not to be outdone, the Xiaomi 12 should last a day thanks to its 4500 mAh battery. In case of heavy use, it is compatible with 67W fast charging – 120W for the Pro model – to restore half the battery in less than 30 minutes. Wireless charging is obviously part of that, with 50W or 10W in reverse. Finally, on the photo side, there’s a 50MP main sensor, a 13MP ultra-wide angle, and a 5MP telemacro. The quality should be there thanks to a new tool called CyberFocus that would allow even better control over the camera’s autofocus, in particular always identifying the subject’s face and body.

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