Ahmed Bennaaman, passionate volunteer at the helm of the Claude Miller cinema in Bourganef (Creuze).

The last public council of Creuse Sud-Ouest included a discussion that was unanimously approved by the council members.

This included checking the Civil Service Delegation’s 2021 annual report on the operation of the Claude Miller cinema in Bourganeuf.

Recall that Com-com rehabilitated the premises, which resumed work on October 1, 2015 in the form of a simplified delegation of the civil service for a period of 3 years (October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2018), extended for four years. years (January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2022).

In addition to the modernization of the hall and the premises, the projection was digitized and the computer network and ticket system were improved.

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The civil service delegation related to the management and operation of the Claude Miller cinema was entrusted after the call for tenders to Ahmed Bennaaman, which has been extended to this day.

Important Responsibility

Despite the pandemic and related restrictions, 112 films were still programmed for 382 screenings, not counting six films in preview, including a national release (Ciné des Villes – Ciné des champs festival). Ahmed Bennaaman also organized special theme nights, all of which ended with snacks offered to the public (mint tea, drinks, pizza).

The manager independently takes care of selecting films, ordering appropriate advertising, producing programs, distributing and sending them, downloading permissions to play films, receiving them, uploading them to the server, editing them for work, saving the ticket. office and accounts, monitor the health of the screenings, ensure the supervision and well-being of viewers (838 in 2021) check the locations and health of the servers daily.

Uncompromising volunteering

This regular and ongoing activity is carried out in reliable volunteering over 52 hours a week. This information surprised more than one elected official, some of whom wondered how such work could be done without remuneration.

Jean-Yves Grenouillet, vice-president for social affairs and culture, replied that this was a delegation of public service under a lease agreement. “Ahmed Bennaamane loves his cinema and dedicates himself to it and to his moviegoers,” he says, “the best gratitude we can give him is to go to the cinema and watch movies! “.

All consultants unanimously joined in welcoming this talented, friendly and also beloved projectionist-manager-animator.

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