District Z, Arthur and TF1’s recreational liner, is sinking.

“The biggest production on French television today”, “for the first time since Fort Boyardthirty years ago we created such an adventure game at home.” District Zan adventure television game built from the ground up by Satisfaction.

But according to the rating Problems. On December 23, TF1 announced the deprogramming of the final three episodes of the series. District Z Reloadedincluding December 25th. A fiasco for a production that required a lot of investment: the price of each episode is estimated at 900,000 euros. Arthur also hoped to export the show internationally and cherished the hope of turning the filming location into an amusement park hosting a zombie costume festival.

“47% discount compared to programs broadcast in the same programming slot”

TF1 joined Problems, justifies the deprogramming as follows: “During the last two broadcasts, the average audience share recorded a 47% discount on targeted persons aged 4 years and over compared to programs broadcast during the previous four weeks in the same programming block. ” Faced with this drop, the channel clarifies that it has changed its program – it says that the game will be rescheduled “to a later date” without specifying the schedule or channel of the TF1 group.

The second edition of District Z, which aired on December 18, attracted 1.58 million viewers, or 7.8% of the audience. Result far from 4.7 million viewers leader France 3 that evening. “This is really a disaster,” says Virginie Spies, lecturer and media analyst at the University of Avignon.

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