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Emily Fortin performed well on the roads of Boucle Guegonnes. The Quebecer led around fifty kilometers alone in the lead in the final of the first stage of the Coupe de France N1 before finally catching three terminals off the line and falling through at the foot of the podium (see rating). Disappointment aside, the 22-year-old Nice Métropole Sprinter proves to be a reckoner throughout the season. After a year and a half working with the pros of Bizkaia Durango, where she discovered the Tour of Italy or the Course of the Tour de France among others, the North American living in Nice and a management student at the university really wants to learn how to play winning at lower level races. Before (re-)seeing above. Service.

DirectVelo: You did a lot on Sunday in Guégon!
Emily Fortin: When I left, there were about 50 kilometers left. We just crossed the finish line. Just before the descent, on the hill, I parried the girl while I watched. There was an opening at a time when he was skidding. I turned around and saw that no one was following me. At the very beginning, I was hoping that one or two other girls would join me, but in the end, I quickly told myself that being alone was not so bad.

Haven’t you taken the time long, all alone?
It is clear that there were difficult moments. Especially on a long straight track, on a very wide road. But every time I crossed the line, it was nice and gave me a boost with the approval of the public. I gave everything I had and never looked back.


Unfortunately, you were caught at the very end of the race…
Three miles left! All this time spent at the front, I wondered if I would have legs to hold on to. After all, it isn’t, and I really haven’t missed much.

At the time of the denouement, did you continue to believe in the possibility of victory?
I was afraid that I wouldn’t even be able to resist, but finally I saw that things weren’t going so fast ahead when they took me back. I was able to quickly recover in the wheels. I thought it was still playable. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough experience in situations like this, because in recent years I’m not used to playing to win. And I obviously paid the price for it. I could have tried to leave to avoid a foursome sprint, just to surprise them… But I didn’t dare to do that. I wanted to run into economy at the very end of the race. Finally, to the economy, so to speak, after 50 terminals ahead … Finally, it was Severin Herault who was a little ahead of the sprint and proved that it was the right tactic.

Do you have any regrets?
Not quite because at the very end of the race I no longer had the whole head. I was completely burned out and had no more legs to sprint. When you burn out, you first lose your clarity of mind, and then, obviously, I no longer have the ability to make the right decisions. Maybe if I hadn’t made this number one in the lead, I would have had more energy at the end, but I wouldn’t necessarily have been ahead.


What are your hopes for the coming weeks and months?
All opportunities to prove themselves will be good. I’m ambitious for the whole season. From those Boucles Guégonnaises, I told my DS that I didn’t want to come back empty handed. I will give my best in every meeting as we progress. If I had to name a specific target, I would say that Canadians (Canadian Championship, ed.). Last year I couldn’t take part in it because my team at that time considered it more important to participate in the Spanish Cup… My current team gives me the freedom to go there. my only opportunity of the year to return home. For the price of a plane ticket, I won’t return there five times in a season, but you’ll kill at least two birds with one stone there.

Why did you decide to join Nice this 2022 season?
I had a pretty tough 2021 season at Bizkaia Durango. I fell several times, then Covid ruined the season. I didn’t do anything glorious, obviously, and I had a lot of regrets. A lot of parameters meant that everything didn’t go very well… I had my shortcomings, the team did too. Undoubtedly, there was a lack of communication and misunderstanding. In November, I still had no news for 2022, then I finally found out that they were not going to keep me. I ended up without a team and the rest were full because I didn’t send my resume earlier out of respect for my team. Then the leaders of Nice contacted me. I liked their speech.

Last year you participated in some of the biggest races in the world such as the Giro d’Italia or the Course Le Tour. It won’t happen this season…
This is very good. I enjoyed playing in Gegon and I need it to play to win. Besides enjoyment, you cannot advance to a higher level without confirming the intermediate level. You must go step by step. First, you have to gain confidence and play to win in lower level races. I see it as a construction year. I took money last year. And now I need to improve the strategy and the mental aspect.

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