Energy renewal plan: a better future for the Faculty of Letters and Humanities in Nice?

A budget of 54 million euros will soon be allocated to the University of the Côte d’Azur for a public buildings energy renovation project… What can we expect from one of the oldest faculties in Nice?

Last December, the Carlone campus faced heating problem.

When asked by France Bleu, many students complained about the freezing cold (about ten degrees) that prevailed in the amphitheatres.

They even said they had to wear jackets…even gloves during class.

The Director of Heritage then stated that the University of Literature was facing heating and insulation problems.

Thanks to the energy renewal plan developed, these insulation and heating problems should finally be solved. And not in vain scheduled work for Carlone to start in June and will mainly affect facades that need to be repaired and better insulated. Sun grilles and energy-saving windows will also be installed.

Finally, photovoltaic panels will be installed, lighting will be replaced with LEDs, and green islands will be built.

Communications Director of the University of the Cote d’Azur”participation in sustainable development is part of the social responsibility of the university

Therefore, if changes are finally planned for the campus of literature, arts and humanities, according to some students, this is not enough.

Nesrin and Celia, 2 students of the last year of study at the faculty, judge “necessary, even vital insulation work“.

In the winter we freeze to death and in the summer we sweat… it causes problems with concentration, especially during the finals…Celia sighs.

As for the conditions inside the buildings, the students denounce dilapidated state : “there are holes, cracks in the walls and water leaks, you don’t want to go to classes at all!

They also mention lack of computer equipment in classes:Many classrooms have faulty or non-existent video projectors… Sometimes we lose 20-25 minutes at the beginning of each lesson, time that teachers correct.

Listening to students’ comments, the Communications Director wants to reassure:this energy renewal plan is the first stage of modernization, which I believe will subsequently cause work that may be more noticeable from an aesthetic point of view, but at the moment, the comfort of our students is important to us.“.

If the situation seems different on the side of other campuses, 2 students disclose sense of injustice. “We have the feeling that we are a forgotten business of the university… When we look at the faculties of natural sciences, law or even the Polytechnic University… it has nothing to do with it!Celia is upset.

Unfortunately, this impression is that the director of heritage refutes the idea of ​​any system of privileges and argues that there is no connection with training, but only with the age of the building. According to him, “the future also lies with students studying literature, the humanities and the arts.“.

Closed parking lots and missing parking lots: internal problems at the faculty seem to hide others …

From the end of June 2021, the faculty parking lot is closed due to collapse risk.

Therefore, students are forced to park their cars very far from the campus or in unauthorized places.

And for many of them, parking lot renovation should be a priority in Carlona.

We can no longer park, sometimes I have to come an hour before the start of the track to find a place.”, Nesrin tells us.

Fines and confiscations, the student also condemns lack of leniency on the part of the municipality : “the police are not shy…they know we are students and that we have problems with parking, but we see that they are constantly hanging around the university. I have already been fined several times since returning from winter holidays.‘”.

When asked about parking, the campus administrative director replied thatpartial opening is under study : “we are in contact with the technical department, which estimates the number of cars that the air parking can take“.

She adds that she is considering other solutions, such as opening a parking lot reserved for university staff for some students:we are working with students to see how many cars our car park can hold and what criteria we might be able to open it“.

The municipality, for its part, encourages students to park in relay stations and then come by tram and bus.

Considering possible reconstruction of the parking lotthe principal claims that the university is aware of the problem the students are facing, but that “the sums and work associated with this car park are huge“and so it takes time”find a solution

It’s been like this for 60 years, everything can’t be changed in a year, but there is a desireshe concludes.

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