Gerardmer is finally remodeling his cinema

After two cancellations, the Rencontres du Cinéma return to the Vosges to welcome Clovis Cornilac, Claude Lelouch, Audrey Dana… and Anne Le Nis (April 5 to 8) for her film Le Torrent shot in the region. . . .

19 films, all in preview, will be screened over four days.

Gérardmer, his lake, his forests have long inscribed their name in French cinema with two events: the Fantastic Film Festival in winter and Les Rencontres du Cinéma in spring. Due to the pandemic, traditional Rencontres had to be canceled in 2020 and 2021; but although we are again allowed to remove our masks in cinemas, the 24th Rencontres du Cinéma will take place in the Vosges from 5 to 8 April. A spring event that cinephiles will be happy to find, as in two good decades, 44,200 spectators opened almost 400 films in preview there, saw and heard on the spot many celebrities of French cinema (film directors, actresses, actors, screenwriters, etc.) who thus passed through Lorraine.

The meetings, organized by the Association of Independent Cinemas of the East and the Gérardmer Tourist Office, are intended for film professionals, especially exhibitors (about a hundred from eastern France and other countries) to whom distributors come to find works from their catalogs so that they can then program them in their cinemas. But the peculiarity of Rencontres de Gérardmer is that the screenings are open to the general public, who have the unique opportunity to “eat the film” and also watch a four-day preview of 19 films at a reduced price (6 euros). per session, 15 euros for a day pass).

Arthouse and the general public

Claude Lelouch will be present at the documentary “Tourner pour vivre” dedicated to him.

Thus, the public is accustomed to opening films there before everyone else, which will then be shown in other cinemas in France in the coming weeks or months. “We always try to take the same recipe,” admits Denis Blum, the programmer of the event, who is responsible for compiling a beautiful poster. Thus, the program includes art-house cinema and mainstream films, comedies, dramas, animation, surprises, both French and foreign cinema, including three Japanese films this year (The Assad Family, Fortune Smiles at Mrs. Nikuko) , “Trash Head”), Chinese thriller (“Fires in the Plain”), Spanish comedy (“El Buen Patron”), German drama (“Collini Affair”)…

“In addition to showing films that exhibitors might like, we clearly have a goal of bringing back 15-25 year olds and trying to reach a new audience,” adds Denis Blum, thinking of all these young people who are now shying away from watching. from cinemas to devour series on platforms. In this way, teenagers and young people will be able to be captivated by Garbage Head, an animated sci-fi film already presented in Gérardmer at the Fantastic Film Festival, Carnival, a “very good Argentinean film,” admits Denis Blum, or even a Norwegian comedy “Baby Ninja” is about a young woman’s reluctance to have children.

There are ten teams

Clovis Kornilak will present “It’s Great”, a story he directed and in which he plays the title role.

Loyal spectators saw a parade of beautiful people in Gérardmer, where a dozen teams will come again this year to present their films. Thus, Clovis Kornilak will present “It’s Great”, a story that he directed and in which he plays the title role. Director Claude Lelouch will accompany Philippe Azoulay in the documentary that the latter has dedicated to the director about fifty films, “Tourner pour vivre”. Actress and director Audrey Dana will present her film Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, a comedy with a prestigious cast (Thierry Lhermitte, Ramsay Bedia, François-Xavier Demaison…) about male group therapy; she will be accompanied by some of these men, including two actors from Lorraine, Laurent Stoker and Michael Gregorio.

Canadian actress and director Monia Chokri will present her film The Nanny. Philippe Guillard will arrive with his comedy “I love what you do” and Arthus, who personifies the most sticky admirer of Gerard Lanvin. For his film The Tenor, director Claude Zidi Jr. will arrive with his actor and singer MB 14, who plays a young rapper gifted with lyrical singing. Finally, the meetings in Gérardmer culminate in a wonderful film shot in and around Gérardme: The Flow, a film by Anna Le Ni with José Garcia and André Dussolier. “A film made 90% in the Gérardmer region,” proudly notes Denis Blum. Actress and director Anne Le Ni will attend this very first public screening of her film, which will not be released in French cinemas until autumn.

Patrick Tardit

24th Gérardmer Cinema meeting, from 5 to 8 April, Cinema du Casino. Full program:

At the closing of the Rencontres, actress and director Anne Le Nis will present for the first time the film she shot in and around Gérardmer, Le torrent.

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