JDA Dijon penalized by Fos Provence

“Keep pushing,” Iggy Mokkevičius called out during the third quarter timeout as the gap widened (63-48, 25th minute). “Keep pushing”, literally, despite exemplary English, revealing the spirit of the evening of the team from Fos-Provence, perhaps incredulous that they turned out to be so dominant against the Top-4 resident. In fact, the BYers really kept pushing to a point of incredible advantage at the end of the third quarter (80-53, 30th minute)! “I am very proud and very pleased with the result and the way,” savored Remy Juitta, realized for the first time this year. “I think this is our most successful game of the season. There’s not much to throw away. »

Duo Kromah – Massa marches on JDA

Indeed, for a team that has accustomed its fans to some bad offensive copies this season, it was the worst offense in Betclic ELITE, it was an unusual festival on Tuesday. “I wonder who was fourth and who was last,” Nenad Markovic sighed, especially upset by his team’s performance. Not aggressive enough in the face of the intensity of the fosses (13 errors at 3 at half-time, 22 free throws at 4, with no real arbitration scandal), the Burgundians left the red-lights to turn their game around. completely thwarted our plans, ”Charles Galliou regretted. “We saw all our defensive mistakes that cost us a lot of points. That’s almost 100 points conceded against a team that has never scored more than 85 points this season and has only surpassed the 75 mark twice since the start of 2022!

Massa dunk, Kroma, who rejoices: the symbol of the evening
(photo: Sebastien Grasse)

To do this, Fos-Provence pounded inward, stuffing Bodian Massu with balloons. Rarely seen this complete (22 points in 8/11, 9 rebounds and 4 assists), the La Gavotte-Peyre-to-Septem-le-Vallon center showed himself in the best light in front of the Marseille crowd, signing his insulting career record. The flashy lieutenant behind the bankrupt Lasan Kroma, more than befitting his All-Star status (30 points on 10/14, 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals on 37 ratings). “Thank God, I was lucky enough to make some shots,” smiled the Liberian winger, especially admired by the collective performance. “Tonight we showed a different face. With aggression, defensive will, attacking execution, energy. When we see what we are capable of, we should be able to repeat it in every game. “Where we also celebrate the contribution of three rookies through Le Mans: Deishuan Booker (14 points on 3/7 and 6 assists), DJ Stevens (23 points on 7/12 and 7 rebounds) and Egidijus Mokkevičius (5 rebounds on 7 minutes)… An interesting basis for the final sprint, as the accounting emergency began to feel more strongly as the end of the season approached. Admittedly still last, Fos-Provence at least does not disengage and returns to the height of Champagne Basket with 7 wins in 24 meetings.

“Our worst game of the season”

Having settled comfortably in the first half of the classification after a winter recovery, the stakes for Dijon are no longer the ones for whom we will defend the thesis of the accident. Certainly blunted by a succession of meetings like David Holston’s deceptive numbers (17 points on 6/7 and 6 assists), the Burgundians failed to reproduce the same reaction as on Friday in Reims, where their first-half dilettante was followed by a strong reaction after the break. (from 48 to 27 missed points). “I really don’t have any explanation,” said Nenad Markovic, gritting his teeth. “This is by far our worst game of the season. I’m very ashamed of the way we played, I don’t know what to say. It was a terrible meeting from start to finish. No rhythm, no aggressiveness, no right attitude, no collective background, no defensive base, with the perpetual problem of a second leader who doesn’t convince (5 points at 2/7 in 10 minutes for Terrell Gomez), the JDA was penalized, had a very bad operation in his quest for the Top 4 and thankfully escaped a real humiliation during a disappointing fourth quarter against Fosséens (17-26). “A little late, but it was the least we could do to fight a little so as not to lose 30 points, don’t you think?! the Bosnian technician said irritably. The last time Dijon was beaten in this way (54-88 against Bourg-en-Bresse on 29 January), they responded with a streak of six successes in seven games. They need to learn from this debacle against Marseille, especially ahead of the decider against Elan Béarné this weekend, to make it useful for the future and not a blot on their season balance sheet.

David Holston’s anger in the face of the Dijon non-match
(photo: Sebastien Grasse)

in Marseille

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