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Andres Cubas due out today against Peru [Photo via MaxPPP]

Like every day from Monday to Friday, get the essentials of Gard sports news in a few snippets of information.

Nimes Olympic

Patrick Burner suffered a sprain (photo by Anthony Morin).

Stretching for Burner, crutch for Sarr. Four days before receiving En Avant de Guingamp on behalf of 31as well as League Day 2, the Crocodiles returned to training on Monday. But there were no people in the Bastide. First, three internationals (Andrés Cubas, Naomichi Ueda and Amjad Nazih, see below), as well as injured ones such as Antoine Valerio, who restarted racing, Patrick Berner, who continued treatment for a sprained ankle, and Sidi. Sarr, victim of the crutch. As for Anthony Brianson, he begins to integrate the technical warm-up and continues to do repetitive athletics. Unlike last week, practice this Wednesday should not be open to the public.

Naomichi Ueda is back on the bench for Japan (photo by Anthony Morin).

Cubas and Burner played. Last Thursday, during Paraguay’s 3-1 victory over Ecuador in Ciudad del Este, Andrés Cubas is still due to start that night in Lima, Peru for the final meeting of the 2022 World Cup qualifier. La Albirroja (alias Paraguayan selection), which has already been eliminated, then only Peru will be at stake, which are fighting for a place in the playoffs. For their part, Japan ended their qualification with a 1-1 draw against Vietnam. The Japanese have already qualified since Thursday and won 2-0 in Australia. For Nima’s Naomichi Ueda, matches follow one another and look the same, as he is back on the bench. The same for Amjad Nazi, who did not return in either of France’s two under-20 matches played against Portugal (1-1 on Sunday and 1-1 and 1-3 this afternoon), at the Pierre-Pibaro court in Clairefontaine . . As for Patrick Berner, who took part in Martinique’s 4-3 victory over Guadeloupe in a friendly match, he came back with a sprained ankle.

USAM Nimes Guard

Ill Jean-Jacques Aquivillo did not go to Slovenia (photo by Yannick Pons)

Missing Aquivillo. This morning, on a private jet, a delegation of Usamis flew from Garon to Slovenia. After an hour and a half flight to reach the capital Ljubljana, it took an hour by bus to reach the city of Velenje, near Austria and Redhall where this first match of the 1/8 finals of the EHF European League will take place at 18:45. In this first showdown against Gorenje Velenje, Nimes have two major absences: Luke Tobey, who could return next Tuesday for the second leg, and Jean-Jacques Aquillo, who is ill. However, the first city as well as Remy Salou wished to accompany their teammates on this Slovenian day. Also eliminated were Romain Tesio and Ahmed Hesham. Following the hasty departure of Franck Maurice yesterday, Yann Balmosier took over as head coach, accompanied by the club’s general manager, Jérôme Chauvet. The Usami players must react on the European stage after a slap in the face during the derby against Montpellier (23-33) on Saturday at Parnassus.

Personnel present in Slovenia: Jan Balmosier (trainer), Jérôme Chauvet (assistant), Mark Teissonier (physical trainer), Mikael Butejon (CrossFit trainer), Lucas Moreno (physiotherapist), Christian Gral (commander), Lisa Kastr (communication) . Selected players: Desbonnet, Paul; Rebichon, Gigu, Dupuy, Bonnefon, Minel, Nyateu, Yasuhira, M. Salou, Gallego, Sanad, Gibernon, Jacobsen, Poyet.

Mikael Guigu, Jerome Nutile, Vid Kavtichnik and Benjamin Gallego met in Slovenia (photo by Corentin Corger)

Reunion with Kavtichnik. President David Tebib is also on the trip. Before the meeting, he managed to chat with former USAM resident Vid Kavtichnik. The right-back, who retired last season at Nîmes, hails from Velenier, where he played from 2000 to 2005 before playing in France, including ten years at Montpellier alongside Michael Guigue. “I’ve been playing in France for over ten years and never had the opportunity to come here and now that I’m not there anymore, you come here to play.”joked the 37-year-old, who now holds leadership positions in the Slovenian national team. According to his duties, he will be able to be present only in the second period of this duel. Ties between Slovenia and Nimes have not ended. After a first six-month loan of the 2019/2020 season, José Baznick will return to Gard this summer on a long-term deal with Cesson-Rennes.


Eight girls from Beaucaire (photo by Aviron Beaucaire)

Let’s go back to the couple’s trophy in Peyroll.. Employed mainly in the 8, the Bokerois had as competitors the members of Marseille and Saint-Cassien. Eight Beaucairoises won the competition ahead of the formidable Saint-Cassinois team. Slightly behind in the middle, the Garduazes, led by their helmsman Enzo Barou, were able to recoup their rivals and win with the help of the length of the boat. The crew included Roman Antilla, Calivia Xiong, Kumel Eliette, Lucie Laporte, Mevena Squilbin, Camelia Buayse, Eva Couston and Emily Blanc. The boys took third place. Also, among the boys, two fours were introduced, which took 5th and 7th places. As for the girls in 4 X+, the first place is taken by Yva Couston, Lucille Laporte, Camelia Buayse and Ines Menasri, led by Laura Couston.

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