LoL: The rarest voided champion and his strange suppressed ability

The first few years after the release of League of Legends were some of the biggest in terms of champion releases. Riot Games made a promise to release a champion every two weeks and kept that promise for months on end. However, this character creation request also resulted in something else: the appearance of the cemetery of canceled characters. About most of them, we managed to learn an infinite number of details, but there are others that have remained a mystery after the fact for so long.

The most mysterious canceled champion

One of the cases where the development of character has stopped almost without a trace is komachi. All information about this champion has disappeared with the deletion of the official League of Legends forums. But, sources of the time to assure that it will be a heroine who will use a scythe as a weapon and act as a tank. An idea that was abandoned after Riot Games. couldn’t find a way to design it without it being full of clichés. The reason, which was very strange in the early years of the game, which had releases like Ashe, Annie, Shaco or Twitch. It’s not that they were bad, but that they are hackneyed archetypes.

Komachi will be especially inspired by the Touhou Project.

Interestingly, a few details about the champion give us an idea of ​​her origins. The developers of League of Legends were heavily influenced by the Tohou Project. at the time of its release. A very popular video game series in Japan that they used as a reference for creating Lux. In the same franchise, there was a character named Komachi who also used a scythe. A rather specific bond that doesn’t seem to be a good fit for making a top lane tank and even weirder given its unique suppressed ability.

A very strange ability that will never appear in League of Legends.

Komachi’s main problem was the spell, which was supposed to characterize his skill set. The goal was to create a structure in Summoner’s Rift that would try to adapt the mechanics of Portal to the game. sort of Veigar’s E (Corrupt) where walls don’t stun players, but will have a teleportation effect that may vary depending on the situation. depending on which part of the barrier each champion is in when created.

  • If you were outside the structure, it could no longer lock you inside. If you hit a wall, the champion will spawn outside of the opposite wall.
  • If you were inside the structure, you remained locked in. If you hit a wall, the champion will spawn inside the opposite wall.
Players could only get out of the box with Flash-like jumps - League of Legends
Players could only get out of the box with Flash-like jumps.

This ability isn’t very obvious, but it could be one of the most powerful spells in League of Legends history. His possibilities were endless. Locking an ally into a duel they can win, or making it easier to attack a teammate or flank them by letting them climb over a wall seems like a great idea for winning games. However, it is too complex and impossible to balance, which can lead to many problems. Also, programming this ability would have been a real challenge since Riot didn’t have the technology and interactions with the abilities were unclear.

Under these circumstances, the idea was canceled indefinitely. Even today, Riot Games is struggling to create new abilities in League of Legends if they are supposed to interact with the rest of the spells.. We saw this with the launch of Vex, which was supposed to have the ability to slow down enemy projectiles and create new effects for teammates’ projectiles. However, this concept was abandoned as it was too difficult to develop.

While our appetite has been somewhat sated by Arcane, the League of Legends-inspired series, the community still wants more. And instead of waiting for the next Riot Games products, some are creating what a MOBA-inspired anime could look like.

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