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Nicolas David is still in fashion. Despite a job that takes him a lot of time alongside cycling, and despite the years that have passed, the future 34-year-old rider continues to enjoy and play leading roles in racing on the Breton calendar. DirectVelo summed up with Bretagne Sud Cyclisme member after his 2nd place last Sunday at Boucles Guégonnaises.

DirectVelo: What do you think of this second place in Gegon after Clement Alléno?
Nicolas David: This is an honorable place. But for a guy like me who is about to be 34, it’s still not bad, like at the beginning of the season against all the big teams. However, I thought I would drive fifty meters from the line, and suddenly, inevitably, there is always this feeling of frustration… It didn’t get far (see rating). I did a good sprint, after all, but he was stronger.

Were you surprised by the race scenario with such a sprint finish?
The weather favored a very fast race. It really rocked on the bumps. I failed to accompany the strong ones. I was right behind, but I missed something. Then it started again, played cat and mouse and the race resumed several times. From experience, I was able to hold on. And finally it’s back. I fought to stay in the final. At the top of the last bump, everyone was practically smashed, and I like that scenario because there were only two/three terminals left, and in those cases, the sprinters really didn’t have a chance to redo it. In these sprints, I’m doing great to the bone. Better than the mass sprints when there was no race before… I still didn’t expect to have such a good sprint. It could be done. I am beaten by a young man who walksgood for him.


You have been especially consistent since the beginning of the season!
However, I never run early in the season. But I got off to a good start at Flèche Bigoudène and did well at Plages Vendéennes. Then I finished 8th at the Étoile de Tressignaux, finishing very tired, due to the weather in particular, and I was tired at the Manche-Atlantique… I finished 16th at the Circuit du Morbihan: not very good, but I felt that it will happen. returned well and I continued from Top 10 to Flèche de Locminé (9th). I felt like I was growing in strength. I needed racing days to get into it.

After VC Pays de Lorient, you will evolve again into a formation that is outside the DN…
Yes, but that doesn’t change much. The only change concerns the Coupe de France rounds. But when we see our calendar… We catch up with L’Essor Breton, SportBreizh and play with all the elites in the area. In any case, working on the side, I would not do more if the schedule was richer. I work with fruits and vegetables in supermarkets and start very early in the morning at 6 am. The team’s schedule suits me. You can’t have it all anyway, you have to make a choice.


Despite a busy schedule, you remain competitive!
I was good, I had a good amateur career. So when I fail to be good or influence the race, even if I work and the level is very high, it frustrates me. I need adrenaline to be in the game. I’m not here to follow the wheels in the middle of the peloton. It’s always fun to be ahead and play to win, even if I have a lot of work, family… Also, I work six days a week and sometimes work ten and a half hours a day. . It’s a rhythm that I can’t handle until I’m 40 while still riding my bike… It’s not like it used to be. But I’m still here and I’ll try to win a race or two. And maybe I’ll still be here next year. I also like the role of the road captain. Young people in the team think that there is still work to be done in such races, but I try to inform them and help them.

What are you going to aim for in the coming weeks?
All races that will come. L’Essor Breton, I often play victories on stage there. It would be nice to have it back. But I accept all races as they are. When I get tired from work, I squat until she comes back. Telling myself that I must persevere.

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