Posters deciphered, Pekress back in action… Campaign news for Tuesday, March 29th.

The campaign officially launched this Monday, March 29th. And with it the official placement on the electoral panels organized by the communes, where every candidate must be visible.

Odile Ambry, communications strategist, analyzes for the Center France group on Tuesday posters of candidates who often chose “zero risk” when looking at the target or looking at the horizon. Roussel changes the codes, Jadot plays solo, Le Pen sticks to his slogan of the “state woman”, Macron changes his… A short descriptive digression into the increasingly competitive vector of communication.

Presidential 2022: candidates don’t care about the poster?

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Today’s health check

On Thursday, March 24, right-wing candidate Valerie Pekress (Republicans) tested positive for Covid-19. On Twitter, she indicated that Monday evening is now negative. Therefore, she resumes her travels starting this Tuesday with Hauts-de-France.

Small Deal of the Day

“Vladimir Putin is a dictator, he wants to prevent people from living freely, and moreover, he threatens Europe, he threatens democracies.” That’s what Anne Hidalgo said about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Tuesday morning on France Inter.

As for large French companies that have not left Russia, such as Leroy Merlin or Auchan, “there is only one worthy position, we must leave,” the PS candidate confirmed. To stop this war, “we have to economically strangle” Russia, she added.

Anne Hidalgo also criticized Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform project, calling it “an unfair reform”, and defended the preservation of the current system. “For me, it’s 62, not a year older. But I’m doing reform. For all other years.”

Arm wrestling of the day

Yannick Jadot (EELV) is pushing and signing a contract against TotalEnergies, which he accuses of co-financing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “I distinguish between groups that, according to their duties, must leave, such as the Mullier group, and the Total group, which is affiliated with the Russian groups in Putin’s first circle, some of which are under international sanctions. gas and oil that finance the atrocities in Ukraine,” he said Tuesday morning on the set of LCI.

Back in early March, Yannick Jadot accused the group of being “an accomplice of Putin and the bombing of civilians.” On Wednesday, March 23, TotalEnergies announced its intention to sue the candidate for defamation.

Support (no judgment) of the day

Presidential candidate Philippe Putou (New Anti-Capitalist Party) was questioned by the RFI this morning about the possible support of Jean-Luc Mélenchon if the latter manages to make it to the second round.

“Of course, we would have called Mélenchon to vote, but he has no reserve on the left,” he replied. “It will be very difficult for him to win. (…) The most likely hypothesis is the defeat of progressive ideas.”

Today’s trips

Far-right candidate Eric Zemmour is based in Sevran, the city of Saint-Saint-Denis, which has been marked by urban violence for several nights after the death on Saturday, March 26, of a man in his thirties, who was shot at by a police officer who tried to arrest him. Eric Zemmour went to meet with agents at the city police station.

Sovereignist candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Debout la France) travels the Grand Est on Tuesday. At 18:00 he will hold a meeting in Forbach (Moselle) with Florian Filippo, who has joined his candidacy.

Yannick Jadot, environmental candidate, is in Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor) where he will speak at 13:00 on the topic of green algae. For her part, the socialist Anne Hidalgo is going to Nancy.

On Monday, Emmanuel Macron made his first official campaign trip to Dijon, where he was greeted by Mayor François Rebsamin, former PS No. 2, who announced in early March that he would vote for the outgoing president.

Emmanuel Macron has become addicted to the bypass and direct exchange game, defending the measures the government has taken in favor of purchasing power and tax cuts.

In Dijon, Emmanuel Macron officially entered the presidential campaign

Jean-Mathias Joly

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