PRESIDENT – Remy Rebeirotte reiterates his support for Emmanuel Macron


Useful support and reminders.
In the presidential elections on April 10 and 24, of course, I fully support Emmanuel MACRON.
First, because he is a great president who counts on a global level and in particular in Europe, where he is today taking over the presidency of the Union in such difficult circumstances.
Then, since he carried out significant reforms for our country and in his program he carries out:
– protecting our pay-as-you-go pension system, taking into account hardship, long careers, abolishing special schemes and creating a minimum pension for greater equity.

– improving our education system and improving the teaching professions for the benefit of our students.
– Increasing employment and purchasing power through continued reform of unemployment insurance and income integration.
– better access to the rights and protection of families.
– generalization of the Cultural and Sports season ticket for our youth.
– Law on old age through training and home care.
– completion of the installation of FOCL and SOI throughout the territory.
– strong support for nursing homes and physician initiatives in anticipation of the consequences of the abolition of the numerus clausus.
– a complete and free health check-up at a key age (25, 45 and 60 years).
– the rise of France Services.
– Acceleration of reindustrialization, the choice of nuclear energy along with renewable energy sources.
– massive support for the isolation of housing and vehicles without fossil fuels.
– wood, the material of the future and the planting of trees in large quantities.
– the third agricultural revolution, food sovereignty and the search for income.
– continuation of the hiring of policemen and gendarmes and the reform of justice.
– strengthening the fight against radical Islamism and all forms of radicalism, the fight against cybercrime.
– accelerating the modernization of our Army, which began in 2017 …

Take only a few strong elements of your project.
He is a candidate FOR the country, not against this and that. This benevolence is necessary, just as it is necessary to be president of the entire French people.
I take this press release to remind you that the three candidates, Ms. Le Pen and Ms. Zemmour and Mélenchon, have always been staunch opponents of construction and then of the European Union, which today guarantees us a part of our sovereignty in the face of other continental powers. All three were staunch supporters of Mr. Putin, whose vision they shared and opposed the European Union, Western democracies and NATO. I write “shared” because they seem to be clarifying their position, and for good reason, for … a month. Ms Le Pen, in addition to being a supporter of the dictator Putin, is also in his debt, since every 5 years Russian banks finance his campaign. We understand that she may be indebted. Remember that with her movement she represents the historical branch of the French far right, her father’s FN branch, “gas chambers, detail of history”, “durfur crematorium”, nostalgia for all fascist, nihilistic and authoritarian regimes. You just need to see those around you to convince yourself that nothing has changed and that going forward to hide is not strategically changing anything at the bottom and on the completely demagogic and totalitarian ideas of hate and rejection that she peddles.
Nothing is being done on April 10 and 24. I call for the greatest vigilance, for a useful and necessary vote. Emmanuel MACRON should not lack a voice to support our President, his vision of France and Europe, his ability to act in the name of our sovereignty, our country and its people. Abstention and extreme voting are two opponents of our Democracy and our values, which are more important than ever to defend.
Mobilization must be total.
Let’s vote!

Remy Rebeyrot
Member of Parliament for Saone-et-Loire

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