President: Yannick Jadot, herald of “successful ecology” – 03/29/2022 at 14:11

Environmentalist Yannick Jadot, presidential candidate, during an election rally on March 27, 2022 at the Zénith in Paris. (AFP/STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN)

Environmentalist Yannick Jadot proposes a program of around 120 proposals that closely links environmental, economic, social, social and international action.

Left-wing, pro-European and pragmatic, he advocates “an ecology that succeeds.”

Yannick Jadot wants, among other things, to close ten nuclear power plants by 2035. He also proposes to create a “climate HMB” and increase the minimum wage by 10% during his term.


– In addition to the seven offshore wind farms, 3,000 additional onshore wind turbines will be deployed by 2027 and an additional 340 km² of solar panels will be installed. Development of biogas.

Location and age of French nuclear reactors since their commercial commissioning (AFP/)

Location and age of French nuclear reactors since their commercial commissioning (AFP/)

– Closure of current nuclear reactors “as they become obsolete”, including “a dozen by 2035”.

– Ten billion euros per year for the renovation of housing and buildings. Energy voucher for 400 euros for six million households. Social tariff for energy for the most modest.

– Stop selling new thermal cars from 2030 Financial incentives for soft mobility (cycling, car sharing, etc.)

– Train development (small lines, freight…). Airlines ban travel less than four hours by train.


– Quit industrial farming. End cage culture by 2025. Measures to stop overfishing and illegal fishing. Development of short selling.

– Halve synthetic fertilizers and pesticides by 2027. Ban on neonicotinoids (“killer bees”) and glyphosate from 2022.

– By 2027, public canteens will have 100% organic and local food.


– 25 billion euros per year of investment in the search for “industries” of the future in environmental matters.

– Creation of a climate wealth tax (ISF) for assets over 2 million euros, generating at least 15 billion euros per year. Reduced VAT on environmental goods and services.

Key proposals of Yannick Jadot, 2022 presidential candidate (AFP/)

Key proposals of Yannick Jadot, 2022 presidential candidate (AFP/)

– Mobilization of savings for the environment, development of social and solidarity economy. Reconciliation of taxation of capital income with labor tax.

– Increase the minimum wage to 1500 euros during the term of office. Income of citizens to fight poverty.

– Family benefits are set at 70 euros per month and per child from the first.

– 700,000 new social housing units by the end of the mandate.


– Development of palliative care and the right to “choice and care at the end of life”.

– Hiring and 100,000 nurses. Young doctors will have to start their careers in medical deserts.

– Recruitment of 65,000 teachers, salary increase. Replacing Parcoursup with a “transparent” system.


– One billion euros, 3,000 magistrates and another 8,000 agents of justice.

– National local police, fight against discriminatory police checks, juvenile justice reform, creation of environmental police.

– A new inter-agency plan to combat radicalization.

Environmental presidential candidate Yannick Jadot during "great oral sex" organized by several media, March 28, 2022 in Paris (AFP / Thomas COEX)

Environmental presidential candidate Yannick Jadot during a multi-media “grand speech” on March 28, 2022 in Paris (AFP/Thomas COEX)

– Take migration policy out of the “security perspective” by entrusting it to the “chief ministry of solidarity”.

– PMA extension. Acknowledgment of paternity is made easier for children born abroad as a result of surrogacy.

– Legalization of cannabis with state control over production and sale.

– Combat gender discrimination, equal parental leave for both parents.

– Equal access to local public services less than 15 minutes away.


– Recognition of the voting form, the electoral majority of 16 years, the law on the separation of the lobby and the state. Referendum on civil initiatives (RIG). Non-renewable seven-year term of office of the Head of State.


– Move towards a “federal Europe”. Strengthening the role of the European Parliament. European environmental treaty.

– Revision of the Dublin Migrant Regulations.

– Maintenance of the army budget. Fight against the arms trade, especially with mercenaries. In favor of Europe defense.

– Development aid refocused on “partnerships of solidarity”.


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