Presidential 2022: Candidate Programs at a Glance

Find the main proposals contained in the programs of the twelve candidates for the presidential election.

There will be twelve of them, on Sunday, April 10, at the starting line. After a very unusual campaign, presidential candidates will face the French to win their votes and hope to make it to the second round before taking the top job. She is armed with her program that she intends to convince voters. Here candidate by candidate and in alphabetical order is a summary of the main positions and proposals they defend.

Natalie Artaud

Purchasing power: No salary, allowance or pension below 2000 euros per month

Accommodation: Apply requisition laws to expand the social park

Disability: No longer include spouse’s income when calculating disability benefits.

Immigration: Freedom of movement and settlement

Education: Mass recruitment for all positions

Animals : Hunting ban

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Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Immigration: Abolition of jus soli, restriction of immigration by annual vote of parliament, restoration of border controls

Europe : replace the EU with a community of free nations.

purchasing power : 8% salary increase for everyone, up to three Smics

Economy: Renationalization of motorways, 75% public procurement for companies producing in France.

Institutions: Citizen-initiated referendum

Ann Hidalgo

Ann Hidalgo

Purchasing power: Smic increased by 200 euros net, revalued wages, 5000 euros at 18, minimum youth

Environment : Energy renovation plan for buildings without upfront costs, 100% renewable energy

Institutions: Citizen-initiated referendum

Accommodation: General rent regulation in hard-to-reach areas, 150,000 social housing units per year

Health : Another 15,000 doctors a year, a year in medical deserts for medical students

Yannick Jadot

Yannick Jadot

Transport : €4 billion per year per train, unlimited travel pass for youth

Purchasing power: “Civil income” from 18 years old (at least 918 euros per month), energy check 400 euros

Weather : Climate wealth tax, 3,000 extra wind turbines, nuclear power phase-out

Education: Hiring 65,000 teachers, increasing their salaries

Accommodation : Subsidized thermal renovation for low-income households, 700,000 social housing units.

John Lassalle

John Lassalle

Agriculture : Redistribute the Common Agricultural Policy in favor of farmers who respect their land and their animals.

institutions : Referendum initiated by citizens from 700,000 signatures

Citizenship : 9 months military or civilian service

Economy : renationalize key companies

purchasing power : Reduce VAT on fuel to 5.5%

Education: Second language from primary school (foreign or regional)

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen

Immigration : Referendum on anti-immigration measures, deportation of foreign offenders, ban
regularization of undocumented migrants, termination of family reunification

Purchasing power: VAT reduction to 5.5% on electricity, gas and fuel

Security : 25,000 new prison places

Institutions: Proportional voting, citizen-initiated referendum

Energy: End of wind projects, restart of nuclear power

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron

pensions : Pension reform with the transfer of the retirement age to 65 years

Education : More freedom for establishments

Economy : €15bn tax cuts, ‘full employment’ for five years, reform of South Africa with a commitment to action to promote integration.

Protection : Restoring the pact between the army and the nation, increasing investment and the number of reservists.

Energy : Six new next-generation nuclear reactors

Jean-Luc Melenchon

Jean-Luc Melenchon

Institutions: The Constituent Assembly will move to a more parliamentary Sixth Republic

Purchasing power: Energy price lock and five fruits and vegetables, free meals, €1,400 minimum wage, youth allowance.

Environment : “Environmental planning” at the municipal level for agricultural and energy transition (exit from nuclear energy), redevelopment of territory and transport

Health : 100% reimbursement for the prescribed treatment, mutual insurance integrated into the social security system

Security : Return of the Community Police

Valerie Pekress

Valerie Pekress

Purchasing power: 3% increase in net wages since summer, reinstatement of the allowance
universal family

Immigration: The introduction of quotas is voted every year

Public services : Abolition of 150,000 net public service positions, creation of 25,000 caregiver positions

Work : Departure by agreement from 35 hours, young active income (670 euros / month) for work in tension

Accommodation: Construction of 500,000 housing units per year

Philip Putu

Philip Putu

Health : Expropriation of large pharmaceutical industry groups

Security : Disarmament of the police in contact with the population

Energy : Nuclear shutdown in ten years

Taxation : Annual income exceeding EUR 108,000 is taxed at 100%.

Work : Minimum wage 1800 euros net, 32-hour work week, independent income for 18-25 year olds.

institutions : Sixth Republic without President and Senate

Fabien Roussel

Fabien Roussel

Purchasing power: Increase in the minimum wage to 1500 euros net, 850 euros per month for students,

Taxes: Restoring and tripling the wealth tax (ISF)

Work : 32-hour work week, full-time retirement at age 60, equal pay for women and men under threat of sanctions

Public services : 500,000 additional civil servants, recruitment of 100,000 hospitals, nationalization of EDF and Engie

institutions : Proposed civil origin law of 500,000 signatures.

Eric Zemmour

Eric Zemmour

Immigration: “zero immigration” policy, wall on European borders, expulsion of underage foreigners.
isolated and foreign offenders

Religion : Prohibit the wearing of the veil in public places and the building of majestic mosques.

Countryside : €10,000 at birth for children born in rural areas.

Energy : Completion of wind projects and construction of 14 new nuclear reactors.

Protection : Withdraw from NATO Integrated Command

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