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For AlloCiné, candidates in the 2022 presidential election reveal their vision of culture, their tastes in political fiction, and their favorite movies and series. Today Marine Le Pen, National Rally (RN) candidate.

Marine Le Pen (National Rally)


Shouldn’t Culture benefit from sovereign service?

I don’t think it’s particularly necessary. Culture is not really meant to be controlled by the state, and our country’s cultural wealth is largely based on local traditions and works. In this regard, local authorities have an important role to play. Indeed, the trend towards centralization in Paris often only works to the detriment of the culture of the rest of France.

For cinema, the state is already a key player in the industry. CNC, despite its shortcomings, is an excellent tool for preserving and consolidating French cinema. During my mandate, we will obviously be in dialogue with professionals in the sector in order to strengthen, correct and develop the French film industry.

Our country has been on the defensive for decades, maybe it’s time to go on the offensive? The example of the cultural policy of Japan and Korea is in any case very interesting. France invented cinema, and we are one of the few European countries that have retained our film industry.

In this way, we can think about cooperation with other European countries or countries of the Francophone world. This would be an opportunity to create a French counterbalance to American dominance in the 7th art. A Europe of Nations or the Francophone Union that I want to create would be a very good framework for a major film policy with global ambitions.

Is cinema necessarily a political art? What inspires you in the rebuilding that can be done around a job like “Bac Nord” lately?

Bac Nord is a popular action movie. This, of course, is a feature film, but no offense to its opponents, it is also very realistic. The film is not only based on a true story, but also matches the truth about these neighborhoods very well. I have lost count of the number of policemen, firefighters or residents who have been coming to me for 20 years now and talking about the hardships and sometimes horrors they go through.

The journalists or politicians who accuse us of hijacking have never set foot in these places or, worse, see no problem in handing over control of entire areas of our country to gangs of criminals, human traffickers or Islamists.

“Don’t Look Up” can be seen as a critique of climate weakness, but northern ferry could not be construed as an observation of careless security and police conditions? This makes no sense. This is the politics of the ostrich.

Do movies and series have, among other things, a calling to help “push the boundaries” on social issues (parity, diversity, etc.)?

The political use of art is very old, and cinema is obviously no exception to this rule. But is that the goal? I do not think. It all depends on your understanding of art. Is it a search for beauty? Distribution of values? Looking for emotions, positive or negative? This is a philosophical dispute that has caused a lot of ink.

What I know for sure is that some of the political left very early on attacked culture and made it one of their political strongholds. This is the theory of the Marxist thinker Antonio Gramsci: in order to change society in depth, it is necessary to take over cultural, academic and artistic institutions in order to slowly spread revolutionary ideas.

Once minds are captivated by new ideas, political change can be brought about without a hitch. We see it blatantly today with the distillation of so-called “awakened ideas”. Parallel to this political use of cinema, sometimes in the interests of the states themselves, we are witnessing the commodification of art. Popular cinema a few years ago sometimes tends to become a mass consumer product, lacking depth, losing quality. I deplore both tendencies.

The long history of French cinema is highly political, but above all it must remain artistic and popular. Some films expose reality and make society aware of pressing issues, but we must be careful about the stranglehold of ideology, or rather one ideology, in the artistic production of our country. What is happening across the Atlantic, or even in the UK, is very disturbing in this regard.

Candidate… and Spectator

If we had to give this campaign the title of a movie or TV series…
Good bad evil. I’ll let you guess which is which.

If you needed to name a movie or series for your program…
More beautiful life!

A copy of the movie or series that inspires you…
It’s difficult. Probably an Audiard replica. May be “We are ruled by lascars who set prices for beets and cannot grow radishes”.

Movie/series character that inspires you…
Jeanne d’Arc as always.

for which president·would you vote on the screen?
Definitely Jean Gabin in The President.

Best Political Film?
This is a very good question. A priori, I would say Argo or Le Guépar.

The best political series?
Baron Noir without hesitation. I could refer to “House of Cards” or “The Vice President” which seem like very good episodes, but “Baron Noir” is undoubtedly a very successful French success. Our creations have a certain rhythm, a mastery of dialogue, and then it’s just France, we identify well with it, despite some caricature elements.

What is your first viewing memory?
I remember Tarzan very well! 1968 version.

What is your cult film?
Brave Heart. This is a great film with very beautiful values ​​of patriotism and freedom. For French cinema, Santa Claus is clearly rubbish.

Your cult series?
I loved Game of Thrones. It’s a powerful series full of unexpected twists and turns. Despite the disappointing ending, the success was well deserved.

What is your latest movie/series love?
northern ferry. I was struck by the realism of this film. This corresponds very well with the reality described by the police and the residents of these neighborhoods, with whom I have been meeting for almost 20 years.

Movie/series music that needs work or thought?
I would say professional.

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