PS5: Promotions are back this week!

News good plan PS5: Promotions are back this week!

Since its release, we all know that the PlayStation 5 is still and always resisting promotions, with players biting their fingers. We regularly have replenishment waves that never last long. That’s why, as always, we bring you a summary of the rumors for the week, so you know in advance where to position yourself.

Difficult PS5 to get

At the beginning of its existence, the PS5 was generally not available for a long time, but the number of games and players was clearly less. Although exclusives and AAA are linked today, Sony’s new console is still popular..

Between Elden Ring, Ghostwire Tokyo, or the next Harry Potter, we’re starting to be spoiled for choice, and not being able to get a console is more than annoying. The situation does not seem to be improving either.

Part of the reason for this absence is scalpers who are preventing even more consoles from being available. The latter look for sites where shares appear and buy everything, and then resell their mining for several hundred euros above the starting price. As a reminder, the PS5 with disc slot costs €499 and the 100% digital version costs €399..

Luckily, there are sources spreading rumors about the next arrivals on various regular price resale sites. They are important because when a restock appears, in most cases the consoles disappear in just a few minutes. Therefore, we bring you here rumors, which are therefore not guaranteed, but have a good chance of happening..

Super U getting ready for Tuesday morning

Let’s start with Super U, which regularly offers promotions, and the new pallets should arrive tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28, at 9 am.. So mark this date in your diaries to get started by reloading the page as soon as possible.

A small detail that is important: it is necessary to have a U-card in order to make a reservation.. So be sure to do the process in advance, so as not to be disgusted at the fateful hour.

See PS5 promotions on the Super U website

Fnac: New page showing PS5 pack

There is no exact date for this news on the Fnac website, but it is actually a new pack that has been added. This is the page that appeared marked “Not available online” and “Not available in the store.”

It really was never in stock, and if we see it, we can assume that this offer will be available soon. We can’t know when, but we do know the contents of the package. In addition to the PS5 with a slot for physical games, it contains an additional DualSense controller, all in purple, as well as the excellent Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West..

See PS5 + Purple DualSense + Gran Turismo 7 + Horizon Pack on Fnac.

cdiscount will be there

We have less information for this Cdiscount rumor, only the fact that there will be console drops within a week. Therefore, we advise you to create an account if you have not already done so and pre-populate the PS5 in your shopping cart to save time.

See PS5 promotions on Cdiscount

Amazon is still present and will be on Wednesday morning

For Amazon, we have a more or less exact date for the next restocking: Wednesday morning, no exact time, so be prepared and walk regularly in the morning to hopefully get it at the right time.

The important information is that you need Amazon Prime to buy a PS5 from their website.. It’s not very logical, but that’s the way it is. Also note that each account is country bound and will require a Prime account from the country where the console is available.

If you haven’t found your happiness following these tips, know that we do this review every week. Therefore, you can try your luck again, which we hope will be more favorable for you.

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