Répar’acteurs: the art of local development of the circular economy

Répar’acteurs: the art of local development of the circular economy

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The Chambers of Commerce and Crafts of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (CMA), supported by the Regional Council of the South and Ademe (Environmental and Energy Management Agency), are at the origins of the Répar’acteurs scheme. This label aims to promote repair and encourage waste reduction by relying on a network of dedicated craftsmen.

Purposeful action for the benefit of the environment

As a real link in the circular economy, the repair sector helps to reduce our waste and reduce our environmental impact by taking action against waste. Thus, over the past two centuries, economic development has been carried out in accordance with the production process, which functions as if resources were infinite or almost infinite. But in the context of environmental, economic and social crises, new strategies are emerging among producers, communities and all stakeholders. They are based on a circular economy approach that revolves around seven main lines of business, including renovations.

Craftsmanship: the first responsible company in France

And the message is clear: 80% of electrical and electronic devices are repairable. Thus, the Chamber of Commerce and Crafts operates through its network of craftsmen under the brand name Repair’Actorsagainst waste and overconsumption. Mobilizing consumers to meet sustainable development challenges, reducing the consumption of resources (raw materials, water, energy) associated with the production and production of waste, and improving consumption by extending the life of products and objects, thus allowing the promotion of a circular economy. which is in the very DNA of the French craft business. And this virtuous circle is not without consequences, as it also allows them to achieve a significant increase in turnover at the end of the year.

Better consumption thanks to the Répar’acteurs network

Thus, thanks to their skills, know-how and their commitment, the members of Répar’acteurs pay tribute to the repair of goods and equipment before replacing them with a new facility. In the territories and city centres, the Répar’acteurs logo “Repairing… and starting again!” allows the general public to easily identify these second wind shapers. CMA support which provides communication kit, geolocation via national repair guide and the integration of repairmen into local clubs increases the visibility and credibility of these craftsmen. More than 12,000 repairmen work in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur: TV and household appliance repairmen, garden equipment restorers, watchmakers, jewelers or tanners… So many qualified professionals who allow, on the one hand, to save your wallet and the planet, and on the other hand, to participate in the local economy, which creates jobs and social networks in the heart of the territory.

To join the Répar’acteurs network: Ariane Julien – a.julien@cmar-paca.fr / 07 85 74 41 52

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