Searching for Anti-Russian Sentiment in Africa

Africa, like many countries, will suffer from the war in Ukraine. We are talking about hydrocarbons, but the problem is mainly in wheat. With the volume of trade $5 billion with Russia and Ukraine, wheat federation is important for many countries. In Africa, Egypt and Turkey are the most dependent. This will create food shortages in many parts of the world.

And Europe should not be left behind, because countries like France are no longer self-sufficient in wheat production. They could, if they banned exports, but free trade obliges, everything must go abroad. This looming food shortage could spark anti-Russian sentiment in Africa.

Because even if you think ideologically with your head, an empty stomach can change many ideologies. This explains why Westerners are fueling propaganda for the “Great Famine” in Africa caused by the evil Putin. But these wheat export remain in the minority for most countries, at a maximum of 20 to 30%. Both the sultan and the pharaoh will always find a way to get along with the king.

We cannot blame Russia for suspending its wheat and sugar exports because it allows it to cut prices for its population. In Russia, as in all countries of the world, a good big inflation has been observed since the beginning of 2021. Africa must become self-sufficient in food by developing its vast agricultural potential.. Let’s not forget that Russia has recently entered the wheat market, but with good government intervention, a gigantic territory, in a few years it has become the world’s leading exporter.

Propaganda to develop anti-Russian sentiment has reached an exceptional level. Not a day goes by that American ambassadors in every country in the world are called in to persuade and threaten all recalcitrant countries to impose sanctions on Russia.. But Western soup doesn’t work anymore. A multipolar world means that now even small countries can say NO as the hegemony of the West crumbles more and more.

This defiance was demonstrated during vote for a UN resolution to end the war in Ukraine. On the 54 African countries, 28 voted for, 19 have abstained as well as but (Eritrea) voted against. Even if the pros won by a small margin, almost 35% of African countries abstained. A few years ago this was unthinkable.

There are several reasons why Western discourse is no longer perceived as gospel. Firstly, treaty “Human Rights vs. Land”, which is a neologism of “Bible vs. Land”, is completely outdated. African countries are gradually beginning to realize that for years they have followed the directives of the West, which has systematically led to disasters.

Then Russia, having returned to full power, gradually expands its influence in Africa. Even if this is minimal compared to China and the United States, it is still a step in the door that allows Africans to have a different vision of the world. The proof is ambition Russia today and from satellite, increase its presence in Africa after their censorship in the European Union. It is also interesting that RT has already reserved domain names such as,, as well as in January 2022.

Whereas earlier Africans blindly followed Western instructions in all areas.  Now they tell themselves that "human rights against earth" no longer on the agenda.

This suggests that they expected censorship in Europe and foresaw their flights to the ebony kingdoms. And not even the war in Ukraine should have been the only reason. These Russian channels in Europe have been real anti-personnel mines in official Covid discourse as well as coverage of the yellow vest movement.. Please note that for a while RT was available in Canalstat packages which have a strong presence in Africa.

The West is trying to react. Thus, the European Union, through the mediation surila he is Ursula von Der Leyenpublicly stated that it will be necessary to punish African countries that do not condemn Russia by reducing their development assistance. Bible or human rights, the choice is yours.

At this point, the two camps are staring at each other like a clay dog, and there really is no victorious camp. The dust of the war in Ukraine must settle, we will have to assess the economic losses of the West and the distancing of developing countries to see if Africa was right to look the other way in a situation that objectively does not know. fuck it.

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