Serial traffic violations, domestic accidents, fuel thefts … Briefly about the different facts of this Tuesday in Auvergne.

Burning agricultural building in Plo

On Tuesday, March 29, around 10:30 a.m., eight firefighters from Plo and Saint-Martin-Cantales intervened to put out a fire that had broken out in an agricultural building at a place called “Fage” in the territory of the municipality. from Plo. The building was partially destroyed. Residents had almost extinguished the flames before firefighters arrived.

Fire at Vedrin-Saint-Loup

On the night of Monday 28 March to Tuesday 29 March, just before 2 am, the firefighters of Ruynes-en-Margerides, Saint-Flour and La Chapelle-Laurent were alerted to a forest fire at a place called “Le Bannit”. , in Vedrin-Saint-Loup. Twenty-nine firefighters took turns putting out the fire that had started from the undergrowth. At the time of the alarm, one hectare was already smoking. In total, four hectares were destroyed by fire.

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Upper Loire

Domestic accident in Ozone

While working at his home, located in the heart of the medieval city of Ozon, the 61-year-old man fell to his death shortly before 3:00 pm on Monday. A 60-year-old man died in a fire brigade ambulance despite the intervention of emergency services. A medical team from Smour-de-Brioud was on site.

A resident of seventy died of a bee sting in Josat (Haut Loire).


Plum Lovers at Malicorne

Seven plum seedlings were stolen on the night of Monday 28 March to Tuesday 29 March from an agricultural property in Malicorne. The investigation was entrusted to the gendarmes of the community of brigades of the Commentaries.

108 traffic violations recorded in one day in Allia

The gendarmes of the departmental company held a repressive action on Monday, March 28, throughout the department from 7 am to 7 pm. Twenty-seven soldiers reported 108 violations. They checked 50 drivers with phones in their hands and six with headphones. Five drivers were not wearing seat belts, two ran a red light. They found behavioral problems and impairments related to the condition of the car. The gendarmes filed charges against five drivers who did not pass technical control, a motorcyclist whose rear license plate did not meet the requirements, and a car whose exhaust system was not serviced or was modified. They noted driving despite the revocation of the driver’s license, two insurance defects. The EDSR gendarmes under the command of Captain Sual also noted speeding: one from 40 to 50 km / h, for which they lost their driver’s license, another from 30 to 40 km / h and 19 using mobile radar.

The robbed second house in Autry-Issard

Between February and Tuesday morning, a second house located in Autry-Issar was robbed. Upon his return, the owner noticed a broken window and the house was thoroughly searched. Damage is assessed. The gendarmes of Suvigny are investigating.

About sixty liters of fuel were stolen from the Autry-Issards.

On the night of Monday, March 28 to Tuesday, March 29, a municipal tractor tanker parked behind the municipal workshops was pumped out. Sixty liters of fuel were stolen.

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