She Saved Me: An edgy TV movie that aired Tuesday as part of a special domestic violence evening

In France, on average, every two and a half days a woman is killed by her husband or ex-husband. Faced with this horrifying sighting, M6 is offering a special prime-time evening on Tuesday, March 29, with She Saved Me, a shocking TV movie centered on the horrific true stories of two women.

“She saved me” is the story of their life with their attacker, this man they once loved. This is the story of their struggle with the institutions that should help them, ”says M6.

Julie Duib, 34, a mother of two young children who was threatened and beaten by her ex-husband for many months, complained many times before the worst happened. She regularly repeated to the police and to her friends: “He is going to kill me” … On March 3, 2019, she was shot dead by a former roommate in L’Isle-Rousse in Upper Corse. This death, the 30th murder of women in 2019, will spark outrage across the country and lead to the creation of Grenelle against domestic violence.

Since then, about 350 women have been killed by their spouses or former spouses in France. Laura Rapp could have made this list, but a social media call for help saved her.

On the night of April 16-17, 2018, after several years of domestic violence, Laura Rapp finally mustered the courage to file a complaint. Trigger: Her husband tried to strangle her in front of Alice, their two-year-old daughter. The nightmare didn’t end there. After a year of pre-trial detention for attempted murder, her ex-husband was released pending trial and placed under judicial supervision, which he repeatedly violated.

While justice remained deaf to her many calls for help and felt that her life and that of her daughter were in danger, on May 14, 2019, just weeks after the death of Julie Duib, who was electrocuted, Laura launched a heartbreaking SOS on Twitter: “I don’t know if I’m going to die tomorrow, I just want to be heard. Protect me, protect my daughter until the trial.”

TV movie that saves lives

In the hope that it could save lives, Julie Duib’s parents agreed to show their daughter’s case on screen. Laura Rapp also gave her consent to the idea of ​​challenging conscience.

“Why didn’t you leave earlier? This is the first question I get asked,” she explains, judging by the comments posted by TVmag. I told myself that fiction, inspired by real events, would allow viewers to understand what victims are going through, how it affects children, and the dysfunction of our institutions. Even if you can’t show everything in prime time, I wanted people to replay the night of the assassination attempt on me and see this violence, often downplayed by the public and magistrates.

Protect the children

“She Saved Me” traces the victims’ paths and describes the signs of a grip and domestic abuse, as well as the many obstacles they faced, an obstacle course common to many others.

In her book Tweeter or die, released on March 11, 2021 by Michalon editions, Laura Rapp explained the lawsuit and how it remains insensitive to even the most heartbreaking calls for help. Today, she insists on the urgent need to protect children. “A violent husband can be a good father,” we hear, in particular, in a TV movie from the mouth of a family affairs judge. An outrageous argument, which, unfortunately, is not fiction…

In addition to condemning the brutal inaction of the police and justice in matters of violence against women, Laura Rapp also broke a taboo by condemning the dubious work of associations that were supposed to come to the aid of victims. “We regularly beat the police, but everyone should ask themselves questions! I could see that there was almost no training in the volunteer sector. When I asked for a “serious danger” phone (a device equipped with a button that immediately dials a hotline, editor’s note), I eventually learned from the president of the association I spoke to that she never forwarded my request to the prosecutor. Where are we?”, she retorts fans in an interview with Télé Star.

From a slap to an attempted murder, she details her descent into hell on Tuesday in a poignant interview with Elle magazine.

The Audience Award at the Luchon TV Festival 2022, the TV movie “She Saved Me” will be broadcast this Tuesday, March 29, at 21:10 on the M6 ​​channel.

About the M6 ​​Domestic Violence Special Evening Program

– At 21:10: “She saved me”, unitary prose by Ionut Teianu with Juliette Rude, Laura Sepoul, Lyo…

– At 11:05 p.m.: “From Fiction to Reality”, a program presented by Natalie Renu, which will feature the protagonists of the two cases, including Laura Rapp.

– At 23:25: “Laura: For Women”, a documentary about the continuation of the obstacle course of a young woman who, after beatings and threats, and a call for help on Twitter, must face her ex-husband and executioner at an attempted murder trial murder in a Nanterre jury… A fight for her daughter and for herself, which today also includes her denunciation of the shortcomings of the institutions and her desire to protect the children of abusive parents.

– At 00.20: “Stop the Feminicides: The Story of Julia, Number 30”, a documentary about Julie Duib, who died on March 3, 2019 from two shots at close range by her companion, who had previously attacked, harassed and humiliated her. for several years.

Numbers that can save a life

The evening will focus on the means available so that victims of violence or witnesses of violence can identify themselves among them:

– 3919, listening room open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

– In an emergency, 17 by phone or 114 by SMS (a number originally reserved for the deaf or hard of hearing, open to victims of domestic violence who cannot speak).

– The platform which includes all the necessary information (association contacts, information tools, etc.) for both victims and witnesses. You can have a dialogue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with police officers and gendarmes specially trained in domestic, sexual and gender-based violence.

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