Should Game Pass be wary of the new PlayStation Plus (formerly Spartacus)?

business news Should Game Pass be wary of the new PlayStation Plus (formerly Spartacus)?

The new PlayStation Plus offering recently announced by Sony is broken down into several formulas to help you rule better. Well studied at the tariff level, multifunctional in its functions, it intends to succeed in the service war that is being organized. An evolution that Jim Ryan (Boss of Sony Interactive Entertainment) believes in, convinced that the ecosystem created will drive a virtuous circle of investment/success at PlayStation.

PS No, long live PlayStation Plus Premium!

For several months now, the sound of the drums of the Japanese giant has been heard on the battlefield. In December 2021, there were rumors about the arrival of a certain “Spartacus“,” Sony’s answer to Game Pass “, could be read on the Internet. This Tuesday, March 29, 2022, Jim Ryan (Boss of SIE) finally took the floor to explain how he is preparing to step up his group’s efforts in the service industry.. At the end of June 2022, PlayStation Plus will have three formulas in France that users can subscribe to: Essential (the PS Plus offer we knew with online play and software included every month), Extra (Essential contributions plus access to catalog of 400 PS4 and PS5 games) and finally Premium (Essential and Extra benefits, with the ability to play PSOne, PS2, PS3, PSP games and limited time access to the latest Sony products). ). And what about Vita? Forgotten, as usual.

In fact, it certainly makes sense to view what Sony is offering as an improved combination of PS Plus and PS Now rather than a true new product.. With PS Plus Premium, we really find online games and games.”is free” from PS Plus, as well as an extensive catalog of the latest and older software to download or stream from PS Now. The effect of the merger of the two services is enhanced by the price of PlayStation Plus Premium: about 120 euros per year, that is, the sum of the cost of the old PS Plus (59.99 euros / year) and PS Now (59.99 euros). /year). The real novelties are really based on two things: the appearance of a selection of games for PSOne and PSP in the catalog, and the ability to discover new features within minutes through the restricted access system. The Japanese giant’s barely visible ambition is to push subscribers to PlayStation Plus.”classicalto crack the “Extra” or “Premium” formula and therefore encourage them to spend a little more money to take advantage of the extras.

Should Game Pass be wary of the new PlayStation Plus (formerly Spartacus)?

Force of war? Prize and games! Yes, but… new or old?

Should Game Pass be wary of the new PlayStation Plus (formerly Spartacus)?

It seems like it was a long time ago when Jim Ryan didn’t understand the backwards compatibility interest, judging “outdated» the work of older generations of consoles. Who would have thought that a few years after these statements, the old glory of the PlayStation would become the loss leader for the PlayStation Plus Premium? Games and prices play an important role in the war for services. In the case of a one-year adherence to the PS Plus Premium formula, an offer at least similar to Game Pass Ultimate with the ability to play on stream on console or PC, the player will pay 119.99 euros per year, i.e. a bit less. more than 10 euros per month. This is 3 euros less than what Microsoft requires to peck at Game Pass Ultimate games. However, Microsoft’s service includes brand new games released by its studios in its offer on the first day. With the takeover of Bethesda, as well as the planned acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, the offer becomes serious.

Should Game Pass be wary of the new PlayStation Plus (formerly Spartacus)?Should Game Pass be wary of the new PlayStation Plus (formerly Spartacus)?

As mentioned in previous articles, a PlayStation 5 owner with a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription will have to keep buying Sony products if they want to discover them during their launch, even if the trials allow them to test the first minutes. In other words, PS Plus Premium is primarily for fans of the old PlayStation glories, where Microsoft, with Game Pass Ultimate, bases much of its argument on the availability of new AAAs from its studios on day one. However, the PS4/PS5 Game Chest available in the Extra version contains more recent games. It will have regular entries and exits depending on current events.

Market shares and territories

Should Game Pass be wary of the new PlayStation Plus (formerly Spartacus)?

Despite the hype surrounding the formalization of the project.”Spartacus”, there is currently no reason to believe that Game Pass Ultimate is in danger. The proposals differ enough in their approaches not to risk a frontal attack. First of all, Microsoft has long been leading the race for “Netflix video games”. According to Ampere Analysis, Game Pass will account for 60% of the video game subscription services market in North America and Europe, compared to 7% for PlayStation Now..

Should Game Pass be wary of the new PlayStation Plus (formerly Spartacus)?

So Sony’s goal initially is to capture some market share by building on the success of PS Plus, streamline the offering by bundling its two services, and expand into new territories (before the end of the year according to the official FAQ). Ahead of Microsoft’s PlayStation Plus Evolution Announcement disclosed exactly what the PC Game Pass was supposed to come to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. With their services available on PC, the giants intend to conquer territories that are mostly played on computers. Analysts so far seem to agree that upgrading PS Plus subscribers to Extra should be particularly popular.. The biggest beneficiaries of this Sony-hosted update were users who took advantage of PS Now exclusively on PC. If they want to keep streaming PlayStation games, they’ll have to sign up for a subscription that’s twice the price.

Should Game Pass be wary of the new PlayStation Plus (formerly Spartacus)?

No, the PS Plus evolution presented by Sony is not yet “game pass killerfor the simple and good reason that it doesn’t offer big PlayStation exclusives on day one, while Microsoft (which owns Bethesda and is trying to acquire Activision-Blizzard) offers its services for the main games as soon as they’re released. However, this PS Plus / PS Now grouping, combined with various formulas, should allow the Japanese firm to improve its bottom line thanks to users who have opted to try the Extra and Premium versions. And therefore regain some market share in the video game subscription services segment currently dominated by Microsoft.

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