“The first cyberwar in the history of mankind has begun”

In Ukraine, a Russian cyberattack on Monday destroyed the leading ISP Ukrtelecom! Since the beginning of the conflict, Ukraine has recorded 60 cyber attacks, and this is the whole world, whether it be private companies like Microsoft and Oracle or foreign government agencies that help Ukrainians resist in cyberspace.

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While the Russian army is marking time, even retreating in parts of Ukraine, the country has decided to strike in ” melodies specifically in the field of telecommunications. Thus, the Ukrainian Internet provider “Ukrtelecom” became a target powerful cyber attack “, the government of Ukraine said on Monday.

Neutral attack according to State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection (SSSCIP) of Ukraine and is considered the “most serious” since the Russian invasion. It’s as if cyber attack brought down Orange or Free in France with all the consequences that this may entail for companies and administrations.

Maintaining service in the armed forces

Network blocks, which tracks internet outages around the world in real time, found that Ukrtelecom went offline on Monday morning with an activity level of 13%. Since the beginning of the war, this figure has fallen from 100% to 80% due to numerous cyber attacks, but on Monday this figure fell to its lowest level.

Alp Toker, director of NetBlocks, explained Forbes how ” the gradual loss of communication was an indication that it was not a power or cable failure but a cyberattack. ” The new attack severely limited Ukraine’s connectivity across the country. duration and prolonged exposure. Unlike a string of blackouts and blackouts in the hottest conflict zones, this has hit the country’s national operator to the core, and it appears to be struggling to mitigate the impact of the incident.. »

Ukrtelecom, number 1 in telephony, actually took several hours to restore its services, and according to SSSCIP, the priority was ” maintain its network infrastructure and continue to provide services to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations.” As a result, Ukrtelecom temporarily restricted the provision of its services to the majority of private and business users.. »

Sixty different cyber attacks

Last week, the Ukrainian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) reported that the country had suffered 60 attacks. various cyber attacks : Eleven hit the government and local authorities, including eight hit the army and law enforcement forces. Only four hits on telecommunications and other technology companies. According to this organization, most of these cyberattacks were aimed at collecting information, although this was also emphasized at the beginning of the conflict. Cyberattacks such as “wiper” which simply remove content from target devices.

For SSSCIP Chairman Yuri Shchegol, it’s easy” the first cyberwar in human history “. ” In this war, the entire computer community of the world united in their reaction against injustice and against the attempts of Russian troops to destroy our country. We do our best to stop the aggressor “, he continuesand it shows that the computer giants like Oracle as well as Microsoft lend a hand. ” Our main task today is to defeat the enemy on all battlefields, including in cyberspace. he concludes.

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