Training offered by Data ScienceTech Institute

Why study at the Data Sciencetech Institute?

The rise of big data has revived many professions such as data scientist, data analyst, and data engineer. In every industry, companies rely on these experts to collect, analyze and take action based on the data at their disposal.

Currently, the requirements of companies are becoming more and more demanding. Only the most competent profiles manage to find a place in society. To increase your chances of being noticed among many competitors, you need to study at the Data Sciencetech Institute. Accredited by the RNCP level 7 of the European Certification System, the RNCP title “Expert in Data Science”, this tertiary school is the first pure player in France dedicated to data-related professions.

Studying at this educational institution will allow you to easily enter the labor market and receive a fairly high salary. Whether you are a student or a retraining employee, you can get started!

Three training courses registered at RNCP level 7

There are three training courses available at DSTI. They are taught in English and can be taken in person (at the two existing campuses) or online. These courses are available full-time or part-time through the SPOC system to work at your own pace or work-study mode.

Data Analytics Training (Applied MSc in Data Analytics)

It’s about data processing. Students are introduced to the tools and methods to achieve this goal. The results of the analyzed data are communicated through reports.

Through this training, you will master data visualization and business intelligence tools. Skills in machine learning and database technologies will complete your course. At the end of this knowledge, you will be the Albert Einstein of the 2.0 digital age.

Data Engineer Training (Applied Master’s Degree in Data Processing for Artificial Intelligence)

It’s quite technical, but not impossible! These profiles have a lot of experience and are therefore in high demand.

Unlike a Data Analyst, his main task will be to manage data scaling, ensuring its security and cleaning throughout the process. Through this master, you will learn the fundamentals of computer languages: c++, java script, python, and the fundamentals of data architecture, as well as how they function. You will also learn how to program and deploy data and compute clusters. Everything goes through platforms like Spark or Hadoop.

Training Data Scientist (Applied MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence)

This type of learning focuses on machine learning-based system design. A data science and artificial intelligence engineer must create and analyze IS architectures in order to improve them. Its mission is to:

– Retrieve large and complex data for storage.

– Transform data to make it understandable in a report or analysis.

– Organize them as they come.

This training is available in many application areas, one more interesting than the other.

Strengths of DST

Admission is open year-round with 2 sets for full-time students. The program is divided as follows: 8/9 months of classes and six months of internship. You can also choose to alternate. With industry partners and educators, multiple projects are available during training.

Studying at DSTI is intense. They train students who are capable of respecting ethics and problem solving in the data world. They have excellent experience in information technology, business applications and the exact sciences. These courses are approved by the French state and the European Union.

Presented programs are led by influential speakers in the academic world and in business. Upon graduation, students can keep abreast of developments in the industry. They will prove their know-how and their skills when they practice their profession. In this way, the school also monitors employer satisfaction over the long term.

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