What If We Met: Lunar Sequence Causes Netizens to Have Fun

This Monday, March 28, a new episode of the dating show “And if we met?” was released on the M6 ​​channel, and one of the dates of the day made the audience laugh.

After reacting violently last week to Pierre’s disappointment to find that Julia looks nothing like the photos he’s seen on social media, this week’s encounter between Sandra and a somewhat special young man has delighted audiences.

Having come to a meeting with a certain Guy, with whom she communicated for seven months, Sandra very quickly fell from a height. Much to his surprise, instead of Guy, a friend of the candidate showed up at the meeting to deliver the letter to the young woman. “He has news, he didn’t know how you would take it. From an administrative point of view, he has been married to a woman for four years,” said Ishmael. Correspondence between the 29-year-old businessman and Guy’s friend, who followed him, delighted viewers.

“You came to tell me that the man I have feelings for has been married for four years, and you are asking me to take this philosophically? Where are you from?” she told him, still in shock, before continuing, “Do you feel like I’m upset? Because you don’t see it? ; “Do I look like a person who wants to laugh?” or even “Don’t touch me, I told you,” she visibly dropped as the young man had the audacity to put his hand on her hip.

Something that will please Internet users who have commented a lot on the series: “This is an iconic TV moment that we live there”, “The best series in decades … Finally, from an administrative point of view”, “This guy is a real legend.” “Are you sure the Oscars were yesterday? Because the best actor went to M6 today”, you can read, in particular, on Twitter.

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