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JEREMY BAMBER has been in prison since he was found guilty of the White House Farm Murders in 1985 when he killed his parents.

After serving a life sentence for his crimes, Jeremy Bamber killed three generations of his family in a forfeiture.

Photograph of Jeremy Bamber in 2016, he is one of 75 British citizens destined to die in prison.

Who is Jeremy Bamber?

Jeremy Bamber was born in Kensington in 1961 to Juliet Dorothy Wheeler, the daughter of a clergyman who had an affair with Sergeant Major Leslie Brian Marsham, Comptroller of Buckingham Palace.

He was offered for adoption through the Church of England Children’s Society.

Neville and June Bamber, a wealthy family who lived on the White House Farm near Essex, adopted him when he was six months old.

It was only after Bamber’s conviction that his biological parents, who eventually married and worked together in the palace, learned that he was their son.

Although he attended a private preparatory and boarding school in Holt, Norfolk, Bamber dropped out of school without qualifications, a disappointment to his father, who passed seven O levels in the sixth grade.

After school, Neville paid Jeremy to travel to Australia and New Zealand, but there he broke into a jewelry store and stole two watches.

Close sources also claimed he smuggled heroin overseas and left New Zealand because a friend of his was involved in an armed robbery.

After his unsuccessful trip, he returned to England and got a job as a small cook on the A12, but then agreed to return home and work on his father’s farm.

In the weeks prior to the murder, he ransacked and robbed the family business at the Axis Road Caravan Park.

Jeremy Bamber killed his family?

Bamber, 61, was convicted in 1986 of shooting June and Neville, along with her sister Sheila and her six-year-old twins Daniel and Nicholas, at the White House Farm in Tolleshunt D’Arcy.

Sheila Caffell, who suffered from schizophrenia, was first suspected of killing her family.

The cops initially believed she killed the other four before turning the gun on herself, but Bamber’s girlfriend Julie Mugford later told them that Jeremy confessed to the murders after they broke up.

CSU then realized that the rifle used in the murders was too long for Sheila to use on herself, and it was unlikely that she managed to shoot herself twice in the head.

Sheila’s schoolboy sons, Nicholas and Daniel, were also killed by Bamber.

Jeremy was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in October 1986.

Bamber claimed it was his sister who shot the family before turning the gun on herself.

He said in an interview that he had evidence that detectives framed him, citing earrings in crime scene photos as evidence of a fight between Sheila and their father, Neville.

What is Jeremy Bamber’s prison term?

Bamber was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

This means that he will die in prison if he fails to appeal his sentence, which he has not been able to do so far despite several high-profile attempts.

That didn’t stop him from trying. He made several attempts to get through, the most famous of which was in 2002.

This prompted a group of detectives from Scotland Yard to conduct a new investigation.

They came to the same conclusion as the original police team: the evidence against Bamber was overwhelming and even more compelling than that originally used to convict him.

The decisive moment was the blood on the silencer of the pistol, from which 25 bullets were fired at the victim.

Using new DNA techniques, the blood was found to match that of Bamber’s sister, Sheila.

The silencer was found in a closet on the ground floor. Sheila’s body was upstairs, so she couldn’t be the killer.

In January 2019, he stated that there was new evidence that he did not kill his family.

Where is Bamber now?

Jeremy Bamber is currently one of 75 UK prisoners serving a life sentence behind bars.

He is a Category A prisoner at Her Majesty’s Prison in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

He worked as a colleague helping other prisoners to read and write, and won several awards for transcribing books in the prison’s Braille workshop.

However, the twisted mass murderer has filed a second lawsuit, claiming he has identified eight issues that will prove his innocence of the heinous crime.

A representative of the Criminal Cases Review Commission confirmed that his case had been transferred and would be pending.

Although there is no official timeline for when this could happen, Bamber boasted of his confidence that he would be released, boasting that his freedom was “just around the corner”.

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