Why is Russian IT in danger?

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I’Internet Russia is increasingly disconnected from the global network, many sites are blocking access from the country or blocked by the Kremlin. However, the situation could get worse for Internet users in Russia. In connection with the sanctions imposed after war in Ukrainesome network equipment is no longer available and cannot be replaced if it breaks.

According to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, The Commission on Communications and Computer Engineering (RSPP) predicts that the reserves of operator equipment will be exhausted within six months. Telecommunications companies may experience outages this summer. According to the RSPP document, in connection with the departure of Western suppliers and ruble depreciationprices have already risen by 40% and may rise by another 80%.

Industry support measures

Failures in communication networks can also affect rail transport, as well as fuel and electricity infrastructure. The commission asked the Ministry of Digital Transformation to help the industry in the form of a 50% reduction in tariffs for the use of radio frequencies, the abolition of property tax and tax exemptions for workers in the telecommunications industry.

The ministry turned down the proposals, blaming the companies. However, the state has already taken measures for the telecommunications industry, including tax cuts and the suspension of the Yarovaya law, which obliges them to place all data customer. The latter will release up to 15% of operators’ storage capacity. In addition, the latter will no longer be bound by their obligation to cover 100% of the municipalities with the network. mobile LTE by 2024. To continue operating existing networks, companies will have to suspend all development projects. They may even have to dismantle some equipment to reuse it elsewhere.

Brain drain

However, the hardware part is not the only problem for telecoms, which also risks facing a shortage of qualified personnel. Russia is currently experiencing a real brain drain abroad. The document states that within six months the industry risks losing up to 30% of industry specialists. According to the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC), between 50,000 and 70,000 IT specialists have already left the country, and by the end of April this figure could reach 170,000.

In an attempt to deal with this, the government has already announced a deferment from military service for all young people under the age of 27 working in the sector. Interested companies will have to compile a list of their employees up to 1uh May. This also applies to university students in about sixty specialties, including mathematics, cartography, roboticsaeronautics, shipyards or even nanotechnology. “ It is important not to slow down the pace of development of the high-tech sector in our country, despite the sanctions – said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishusten, justifying this measure.

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