20 Flagship Measures by Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Livio Ferrero

For the 2022 presidential election, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is implementing a program focused on the environment and easing security restrictions. Paris Match summarizes its project on 20 key parameters.

The state intervenes in all areas with the priority of gender equality

Social security benefits:

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  • Offer a guarantee of autonomy above the poverty line from the age of 16 and for every student separated from their parents’ tax household (ie €1,063 per person).

Equality m/f:

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  • Adopt a law against sexism: establish equality between women and men in political, administrative, economic, union and association institutions. Strengthen the means to combat violence against women and strengthen family planning. Invest 1 billion euros to fight violence against women.


  • Raising teachers’ salaries to keep up with the freeze of the index point (+15%) and reprice the index nets as part of negotiations with unions. Rebuild a real group of substitute teachers and initiate a tenure plan for precarious national education.
  • Restore the national bachelor’s degree, abolish the counter-reforms of the high school, vocational path and college. Provide free tutoring by the public education service; Strengthen remedial action in education by creating 100,000 young teacher-led jobs to remediate the generation of students whose learning has been disrupted by the health crisis.
  • Create 500,000 nursery places and guarantee free public nurseries. In Higher Education: A multi-year plan to recruit 30,000 full-time employees for a minimum of 5 years and initiate the tenure of all contract volunteers in permanent roles. The use of non-owners will be limited to 5% of employees, excluding doctoral students and interns.


What happens after this ad

What happens after this ad

  • Reinstate retirement at age 60 and establish a contributory period for full retirement at age 40.

Health :

  • Reopen public emergency services, maternity hospitals and nursing homes providing local public health services less than 30 minutes from every Frenchman. Create 10,000 places per year in nursing homes for 5 years and recruit at least 210,000 people. Establish a public drug treatment center to facilitate equal access to treatment, protect research from funding, and remove the influence of private companies on medical and hospital activities, in particular by ending free access for medical visitors to a public hospital.

Return of large taxes on the richest, the abolition of liberal laws under the outgoing president


  • Make the income tax more progressive with a 14 bracket scale compared to today’s 5, and restructure income taxation with a citizen tax that guarantees government revenue and social security and keeps them separate. Abolish the flat tax and the tax on income from capital, as well as from work. Set the maximum income allowed: 20 times the average income, i.e. 430,000 euros of annual income.
  • Restore and strengthen the Solidarity Wealth Tax (ISF). Reduce VAT on basic necessities and restore a “big VAT on luxury” to finance it. Introduction of a universal tax. Introduce a real tax on financial transactions.

Employment in companies of the economy:

  • Repeal the El Khomri law and the Peniko regulations, restore the hierarchy of social standards, the principle of benevolence and the “Committee on Health, Safety and Working Conditions.”
  • Summarize the 6th week of paid vacation for all employees. Immediately raise the monthly minimum wage to 1,400 euros net. Set the maximum salary allowed to limit the gap from 1 to 20 between the lowest and highest salary in the company.

Less nuclear power, promotion of wind turbines and revision of the Le Touquet Accords


  • Revise the CAP and direct public agricultural assistance to promote environmentally sustainable production, labor intensity on farms, and the development of vegetable proteins. Plan to gradually reduce the doses of fertilizers and pesticides, immediately ban the most dangerous ones (glyphosate, etc.).
  • Move away from nuclear energy: abandon EPR projects and nuclear waste disposal, plan the dismantling of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant. Create a single collective agreement for nuclear workers and stop the massive use of subcontracting, while guaranteeing their retraining as power plants are closed. Do not extend the life of any nuclear reactor beyond 50 years.


  • Suspend the Dublin Regulation and revise the Le Touquet Agreements. Take care of migrants through reception and accommodation structures in sufficient numbers throughout the territory: create a single reception.
  • Restore jus soli for children born in France, subject to their consent. Relax the “asylum” visa policy, including ensuring that the costs of obtaining an internal visa are not used as a deterrent.

Prohibition of some law enforcement tools and creation of the REC


  • Plan resources for justice and hire more civil servants: magistrates, law clerks, court inspectors for the protection of youth. Repair prisons and end jail time with alternative punishments. End overcrowding in prisons and provide prisoners with the means to reintegrate.
  • Establish a supreme jurisdiction common to the Court of Cassation and the Council of State, and abolish the jurisdictional function of the Council of State. Ensure control by a judicial judge over counter-terrorism operations.

Security :

  • Disband the BAC (Combat Crime Brigades) and rehabilitate the local police Abolish the General Inspectorate of the National Police and the National Gendarmerie to replace them with an independent body including magistrates, scientists, citizens attached to the Defender of Rights.


  • Elect a National Assembly by departmental proportional vote. In order to convene a Constituent Assembly for the transition to the 6th Republic, no parliamentarian from the previous assemblies will be able to sit in this Constituent Assembly, and the draft constitution proposed by the Constituent Assembly will be submitted for consideration. referendum. Establish a civic initiative referendum whereby citizens, with sufficient signatures, can fire elected officials, propose or repeal laws, and amend the Constitution.
  • The right to vote from the age of 16, compulsory voting and recognition of the voting form. And foreign residents have the right to vote in the usual situation in local elections, as citizens of the EU countries already enjoy. Establish a procedure for sponsoring citizens in presidential elections as an alternative to 500 sponsors of elected officials.

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