Captagon: What about the use of this drug in Ukraine?

The war in Ukraine is much more televised than the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Same if the Russian army does not arrange a Tik Tok war, then the Chechens love to film themselves and broadcast their exploits. And as the Russian army takes the cities previously occupied by the Ukrainian army, we find extortions and scenes of rather brutal torture. Or videos where Russian soldiers are shot in the legs (located east of Kharkov) in a bound form or the corpse of a naked woman in the basement in Mariupol with a Swatisk painted on the body with his own blood, and a bag over his head.

In war, requisitions are inevitable (for example, rape in Iraq by American soldiers), but does that they are filmed and broadcast is a real novelty. And there are several explanations put forward by analysts. First, to radicalize the Ukrainian army, because as the Russian troops advance, the surrender of Ukrainians, who are left to their own devices, is accelerating. A way of saying that deserters will face a fate worse than death.

However, these images backfire on Ukrainians as evidence of their atrocities. Therefore, the Ukrainian army now disallows posting this type of content (in Russian). This may prevent Western countries from supplying Ukraine with weapons and money. Knowing that it is explicitly said that publishing is prohibited. That means we can keep doing this, but motus and a closed mouth…

The second hypothesis is to provoke a desire for revenge on the part of the Russian army, which can further strengthen the image of Ukraine as a weak lamb in front of the Russian bear. At the same time, how can fighters go to such extremes? Among the explanations offered by analysts is that many armed gangs in Ukraine are totally shot at the Captagon.

in Captagon is a drug invented in 1961 as an alternative to amphetamine and methamphetamine for the treatment of attention deficit disorder and stress. Its commercialization was banned in 1981 because its addictive potential outweighed its benefits. Subsequently, the formula will fall into the hands of dealers (as usual), and they’re going to flood the market with this much cheaper version than methamphetamine. The Middle East will love this.

This is the Turkish and Bulgarian mafia who introduced it massively in the Middle East in 2000. The war in Iraq, but especially Daesh in Syria, will be of great benefit. Firstly, drug proceeds, thanks to the transit of Captagon through Syria, will enrich several groups associated with Daesh. And since Ukrainian militias have ties to international jihadism, it was only a matter of time before Ukrainian soldiers used them en masse. In fact, in 2020 the Ukrainian authorities seized almost 750 kg of Captagonproving that the drug was already actively circulating in the country.

Back in 2015, during the first war in Donbass, we had evidence of being completely zombified by Ukrainian soldiers with hemorrhages all over their bodies, but continuing to advance and shoot into the crowd. Because the “modern” Captagon, which is a mixture of amphetamine derivatives, as well as caffeine, quinine and paracetamol, helps to suppress fear and fatigue. So they can be badly injured, crumble from fatigue, but still behave like zombies. Under these conditions, bullying of enemy soldiers is becoming the norm.

The whole Ukrainian strategy was weak from the very beginning. Instead of retreating to Kiev and making a clear demarcation between the east and west of the country, the Ukrainian army is locked in cauldrons in every city with a complete ban on exit or surrender and turning civilians into shields. It’s strange, it the same tactics as the Nazi army in the last days of the Second World War… A scorched earth policy that provokes the maximum number of requisitions.

By retreating to the west and relying on Western support, the Ukrainian army could inflict much greater losses on the Russians.. But no, we prefer to cling like starving men to every city and fight to the death. And if Captagon is really popular in Ukraine, then, given the current collapse of the country, its spread to all of Europe is only a matter of time.

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