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The Dinan Sport Cycling team had a great weekend on the roads of Brittany. On Saturday, Johan Le Bon performed a new number to win the Gilbert-Bousquet Grand Prix at Landivisio before Clement Alléno did it again the next day, Sunday, during the Boucles Guégonnaises (see rating). Thus, L’Espoir 4 achieved its first success at the National Elite. “This victory means a lot! It’s very nice to win in our new colors”rejoices with DirectVelo one who evolved into VCP Loudéac from the lower ranks.


In Gegon, the Dinan team changed the situation. “We ran well. At each break we had one or two guys, and then everything ended well on the track. Johan (Le Bon) was in front, so we just had to control the situation. Then Maxim (Cam) came up to me and said that this time it was for me, in the sprint. We did everything necessary to make it happen in the sprint. When we took on Johan, he stood up for me and everyone worked hard to get me there.”, – says the winner, very happy that he has enlisted the support and trust of the whole group. Johan Le Bon is a man of his word and, as he assured the day before after his success, he did not hesitate to sacrifice himself for his young teammate (read here). “At the briefing, we thought I had the best speed roll. I proved it by finishing fifth in Lokmin and second in the peloton. From there to the fact that it happens in a sprint and I’m still there, it wasn’t pre-recorded. But I managed to do the right thing. This is the first time the team has told me what it was for me. I appreciated it. I was very focused and the guys did everything to make sure I was in the right conditions.”. And all conditions were met to make a big hit. “I like these sprints after very tiring races”.

However, it took a long time for Clément Alléno to present a game to win. “Today (Sunday) I didn’t see myself winning at all. It was only on the last two climbs that I said to myself why not. I felt strong. We did what we had to do. I raise the pressure, it’s great”. This victory is also a winning bet. After spending the entire winter in the undergrowth, holding the key to a bronze medal at the French Espoirs Championship in that discipline, the Breton cut through just two weeks before switching to the road very early. “Usually I don’t catch on so quickly. Fabien Rabot has been coaching me since last summer and he wanted us to do it this way. This short break was a blessing in disguise. As an athlete, I always want to race. I was a little hard in the beginning, I was asking myself questions. But now I see that I started well, and it’s really nice.”he analyzes, looking retro.


This assures the 21-year-old runner; it has everything you need to be successful in Dinan. “I found a team that wants me to be very strong both in cyclocross and on the road. Other teams have asked me to give up cross-country if I go to them, but I’m interested in doing both.”. Clement Alléno quickly settled into this group, where ex-professionals and young talents communicate shoulder to shoulder. “I couldn’t take the training courses in Spain because I was riding cross country, but we quickly started a family of sorts. We saw Johan (Le Bon) win quickly. A lot of people must have thought that the season would revolve around Johan and Maxim (Cam), but we proved that it wouldn’t be for them and that they are ready to help us too. Many of us on the team can win.”.

During his last season with Espoirs, he intends to accumulate as much experience as possible with the drivers mentioned above. “They bring us a lot, physically and tactically. When Johan is in front, he does his job very well. Maxim knows when to replace himself. Having ex-professionals helps a lot, straight from the briefing. In general, what is said in the briefing then happens in the race. In a way, it gives us a head start, which is very important.”. The main goal of the season was achieved for Clement Alléno with this first victory against the elite. From now on, he wants to shine at the Tour de Brittany (2.2). “I hope to be present and show what I can do. This is the race I’ve been thinking about since the restart. I can’t wait to prove something there”.

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