Diablo 4: Is the fourth opus darker than the previous ones? Overview of new regions and dungeons in the game

Game news Diablo 4: Is the fourth opus darker than the previous ones? Overview of new regions and dungeons in the game

Every three months, the developers of Diablo IV take it upon themselves to share their progress on the fourth opus license. The initiative was confirmed in the first quarter of 2022 when they spoke about the environment.


  • Two different approaches
  • Over 150 dungeons

Two different approaches

In the wake of the announcement of the opening of pre-registration on iOS for Diablo Immortal, Blizzard continues to talk about the saga. This time not for a mobile game, but for the fourth installment of the Diablo IV franchise. Revealed in 2019, the title has been delayed several times and is still under review. This may even be planned for next year. Nevertheless, game developers want to report on the game, as evidenced by the quarterly development posts.

Who says that the end of March, he says that the new series. In this first roundup of 2022, they are Art Director Chris Ryder, Associate Art Director Brian Fletcher, Associate Lighting Design Supervisor Ben Hutchings, Senior Outdoor Graphic Designer Matt McDaid, and Head of Design Chaz Head. Interactions and scenery explain how they envision each of Diablo IV’s areas and how they fit together to bring the immersive environment to life.

In this blog post, they indicate that five different regions will be played and that their approach to creating Diablo IV’s environments is darker and more mundane than previous games. In addition, they prefer to prioritize believability over realism, and implement Diablo IV’s various biomes through two axes of creation, named accordingly. Return to darkness as well as Old masters :

  • Meanwhile, the Return to Darkness pillar is a central theme that guides all of our projects, from dungeons to lighting, and embodies the idea that Sanctuary is a dark and dangerous medieval gothic world.
  • The “Old Masters” approach is a kind of filter through which we evaluate our work, taking into account the techniques of classical artists such as Rembrandt – Chris Ryder.

Over 150 dungeons

But then what types of environments await players? As mentioned above, there are currently five separate regions planned with different atmospheres. Three of them have already been tested by developers:

Protected regions

  • Skosglen Coast: The bleak beaches are littered with seaweed, kelp and rotting carcasses. Rocky cliffs soar skyward as crashing waves carve headlands
  • Orbey Monastery: an isolated and secret structure in the arid steppes.
  • Kyovashad: With Kyovashad, we really want to create the impression of an oppressive, cold and harsh medieval village. However, we must convey the idea that this place also acts as a refuge for those who take refuge within its walls.

Like previous games, Diablo IV has dungeons. There are even over 150 instances planned by the development teams: a whopping number that should have forced the teams to rethink how to create these random zones:

We had to rethink our way of creating environments to be flexible enough to be applied in multiple locations rather than limited to a single dungeon. To do this, we have developed so-called environment sets.

Diablo 4: Is the fourth opus darker than the previous ones?  Overview of new regions and dungeons in the game

Environment sets are shown in the video at the top of this article. A trick found by the developers that allows them “make the transition between two different environments in the same dungeon, without giving up random generation, which changes the dungeon with each exploration“. – Brian Fletcher.

Throughout this article, however, Blizzard has reminded you that the videos and images shown are from the ongoing development of the game, so they may not represent the final look of the game when it is released. There is no further information about this, and the release date of Diablo IV is still unknown to date.

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