Frontal collision, theft of fuel, motorcycle accident… Briefly about the different events of this environment in Auvergne

The car overturned in Weir Monton.

The traffic accident happened this Wednesday at about 12:30 pm, on section 978, commune of Weir-Monton. For reasons that have not yet been established, the 49-year-old driver of the car lost control. The car crashed into a concrete pipe and overturned. With a head injury, the motorist was evacuated to the ChU.

Drunk, he crashes into a bus stop in Clermont-Ferrand.

The driver was driving down Barbier Dobre Avenue on the night of Tuesday, March 29 to Wednesday, March 30 at about 3:30 am when his car crashed into a bus stop. The man was driving with 1.56 grams of alcohol in his blood. He was taken to the police station to sober up and will be called later to clarify the facts.

Robbery in business in Pont du Chateau (Puy de Dome): evil manager, aggressor on the run


Theft in a perfume shop in Moulins

The 23-year-old girl from Kasset was caught in a bag on Monday around noon. When leaving the perfume shop in Place Allier, the security gates went off. She had goods worth 673.30 euros. While in police custody, she would try to hide her identity and impersonate her sister. She allegedly refused to have her fingerprints and DNA taken by the police. Mentioned this Wednesday, she has been placed on remand and will stand trial at Moulins on Friday.

Frontal impact at the crossroads of the church in Dompierre-sur-Besbres

This Wednesday, around 6:30 am, at the crossroads of the church in Dompierre-sur-Besbres, there was a head-on collision between two cars, one of which is 36 years old, who lives in Neuilly-le-Real, the other is 53 years old. lives in Diu. The latter was taken to the Moulin Hospital Center for follow-up examinations. The gendarmes of the event management brigade (BGE) have moved.

Non-compliance with judicial control in Moulins

On Wednesday, March 30, a 40-year-old man from Moulins was placed in judicial custody. While awaiting trial for gun violence against his ex-wife, he was banned from having contact with the alleged victim. A ban he wouldn’t have observed last weekend. It should be sent on Thursday morning.

Stealing food from Restos du Cœur in a comment

On Wednesday, March 30, at around noon, the managers of Restos du Cœur de Commentry noted that after a break-in, a theft had been committed in their premises. One or more individuals stole food on one of the previous nights. The investigation has been entrusted to the community gendarmes of the Commentary Brigade, already in charge of investigations related to the hacking attempts carried out last week at the expense of Secours populaire and the Food Bank.

Cold snap and snow in perspective in Auvergne and Limousin

Upper Loire

The 50-year-old endurist was evacuated by helicopter to Ventezh.

This Wednesday at about noon in the forest of Iverson, in the city of Ventezh, an endurist fell. The fall, quite heavy, occurred in a hard-to-reach place. The firemen of the Haute-Loire were alerted at 12:33. They quickly requested the intervention of a Dragon 63 helicopter. The victim, a 50-year-old man, was airlifted and then airlifted to the Clermont-Ferrand Hospital Center. Several fractures were suspected, but his life prognosis was not of interest.

Fuel theft at Vazey-Limandr station

This Wednesday, at 9:30 am, the motorist was arrested by gendarmes who had just deployed an important device in the Vazey-Limandra area. The manager of the total station in Vazey-Limandre just called the police. It signaled a red car whose driver had just left the service station without paying the bill. He fled in the direction of Fix-Saint-Genet along the RN 102 highway. The grivelieri amounted to about forty euros.


Car crashes into electric pole in Polmignac

This Wednesday, around 9 a.m., a car driven by a 29-year-old woman crashed into a power pole on Avenue du Val-de-Ser in Polmignac. He got hit. The firemen of Polmignac, Vic-sur-Sere and Aurillac took care of the woman. She was taken to the Henri-Mondor hospital center. The accident did not result in a power outage.

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