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300 ships dock at Stage 3, starting to take over some of the treasure. But there is no time to count the loot: next Tuesday we will have to board again to get to the promised land.

We’re not going to cut corners as he showed no mercy: the most emblematic pirate in history is probably the famous black beard. Not to be confused with another legendary pirate, Bart Le Noir, whose real name is Edward Teach, he owes his reputation not only to his travels in the Caribbean between 1716 and 1718, but also to his thick and dark beard, as well as the unpleasant habit of sticking lit matches in hair during boarding parties. Moreover, his fame was often enough to frighten his victims: Blackbeard thus avoided resorting to force, his victim preferred to throw himself straight into the sea…

black beardBut he was not content with robbing merchant ships aboard his boat, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, a mastodon equipped with 40 cannons and up to 350 pirates on board: the Englishman is also known to have organized a blockade of the port of Charleston, South Carolina, taking advantage of the opportunity to ransom the inhabitants at the head fleet of four ships. The story goes that he would end up being a victim of the Royal Navy during a large pirate party held on Ocracoke Island when his throat was slit by a sailor as he was about to finish off the lieutenant in charge of the operation.

The legend of Blackbeard has inspired many stories and fictions about piracy, including the Jack Sparrow character in the franchise. Pirates of the Caribbeanmost recently in video games Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag or series A long time ago. Some songs also suggest that Blackbeard is currently wandering in the afterlife… Also, if you see lights in the Caribbean, beware: it could very well be “Light of Teach”…

Legendary, the 200 teams that made it through the 2-2 stage of KING5 are set to become so in a few weeks when choosing the winner of this edition of 2022. But they still have a few clashes to succeed … In the meantime, we present to you the pirates who spread terror in this Tuesday in our always agitated seas.

They fill their holds

FootixWith 2255 points accumulated on Tuesday, footix proved that they know more about piracy than about football: if they do not no pressurewide 2-1 Stage winners, the captains of the evening could count on NeVeR_DiiiEtook only 3rd place in his tournament and became the author of 15 kills. Huu cocosecond in his race, brought him a team that bears his name well: coconut catrunner-up in this Stage 2-2. Fafane2972 found a solution for it camulox (3rd) winning his tournament, just like Tanjiro867 for LaBrick90who finished at the foot of the podium. ALGOLIC also put a good mess with FLZfor “FuLeZboil” (9th), like Night killer forbarbecue professionals (12th) who can eat well with RacletteTuesday (13th) TEAM BEEF (36th) and BurgersKings (38th). We also find poets W.king5.14, fourteen (“About the aperitif team.. 5 rodents that will tear everything apart”) and a little bit TEAM EGOISTIC (58th) without forgetting the most gentlemen good parties (“A team of perfect sons-in-law and daughters-in-law!”)

DTGawhe blew up in the minds of his unfortunate opponents the record for kills of the evening: 18. Enough to take WPC barbarians (16th) at Stage 3, as vassanti as well as bell did it for a strong team cAApt’AAines FrAAcAAsses (19th) where our colleague abounds veunstyle72. That NEVER US (22nd) can finally recognize their finest hour, as well as Sunday players (33rd) while black sheep (27th place) already seen in Vegas, in the Las Vegas Parano remake: “That’s it, total control. Leisurely strolling down the street on a Saturday night in Las Vegas. Five good guys in a fiery red convertible. Smoky, ripped, prim, what good guys!” If they go even further #Approve TIN may well increase their number Matcheswhile Lost Potential (51st), “waiting for talent” as well as goats (54th), “All pros give lessons from $1,500 an hour if you want” showed unexpected potential.

Let’s finish with the scary Philip Lucas in the deep end (“2022, here come the fish”), with which you have to go straight, Won them back narrowly (66th) who didn’t even need consolation for this stage 2, Charcoutier (67th), Queen Anne’s Revenge (75th), who therefore know the above-mentioned legend of Blackbeard, bitcoin (77th), brothers from las vegas (82nd), Ax Thrower (90th), poke work (93rd), Back-to-back bubble wrap (95th) who obviously already deeply ran this KING5 and finally Lebruelfanclubwhich knowingly plays on Winamax.

KING5: results of stage 2-2

Saved from the water

It took them a little longer than the rest to reach the mainland, but they finally arrived safely: 100 ships combined their boardings of two stages 2 to be fished out and found a place on the pier already loaded with stage 3. And the leaders from this flotilla stragglers – well known goofy cousinsand then in the top 50 compiled by Typical commandwho knows everything about poker“5 fish and luck, winning combination!”), useful Esratissers (“Cockroach problem! Don’t worry, we’re here!”), pastasmart out If you are reading this, you have lost., Pisces-S@bots (“To get away from their predators (Sh@rks), they use a well-known technique called “S@bot” reading.), Krispac 2022: France Without Trongols And Belote Championsapparently equally strong in poker.

Regarding the last fifty boats that saw the light of the lighthouse before finally getting lost, we find Better lay down Saul in Sausage Squad!philosophers Mr. BVM CREW (“Criticism is easy, art is difficult”), True Normans, Saint Victoire Buccaneers (“Whoever swallows a coconut trusts his anus”), We want a tax refundwhere bust seller (“We can tell an incredible story with every bust, but no one cares”), clearly not engaging in discussions with poker reporters. Finally, special mention Five Chattard CrewThe 100th and last team caught and which arises in reference to the oncoming evil eye with its slogan “we never get past the 2nd round” !

Full ranking of 100 teams selected for stage 3.

On the way to new adventures

BoatIn any case, they will not return empty-handed from their sea adventures: the 300 crews that joined the Stage 3 stop have already received their hands on a small military chest, a set of Winamax tickets of 50 euros for each of the 1,500 pirates. who didn’t fall overboard. Obviously, all the brothers on the coast are hoping to keep going and one day open the treasure chest that all the pirates are KING5: five packages to the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas.

And in order to get even closer to the Grail, our pirates will again have to be ready to board as soon as Tuesday, April 5 at 20:30. for Stage 3-1, at the end of which only 20 crews will qualify for Stage 4. But rest assured: even if you get lost in the sea of ​​entry, you can find the right course during Stage 3 – 2, which will be held on Tuesday next week and will qualify 20 other gangs as pirates. And if your sextant is obviously acting up, 10 ships will be towed to land, adding their performance in two stages 3. Therefore, when summoning pirates, they will 50 crews who dock in Stage 4, which takes place in three weeks, and are guaranteed to win a new assortment of tickets. Come on, it’s time to write a new page of your legend…

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