Kyiv demands a ceasefire, crops rage in the Nièvre, fire in Saint-Reverien… This Monday’s news to remember

The fighting has been going on for five days now. A Ukrainian delegation arrived on Monday morning at the site of talks with Russia to demand an “immediate” ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops. The UN said on Monday it had recorded 102 civilians killed, including 7 children, and 304 wounded since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but warned the true numbers were “significantly” higher. Follow our live broadcasts.

How are the grain crops in the Nièvre department?

We often talk about Nièvre as one of the cradles of the Charolais cattle. But grain crops are very common where professionals are engaged in polyculture. The land is dominated by certain cereals, such as wheat, whose composition varies according to the geographical areas of the department. As for surfaces, they have evolved up or down over the years. Read our file here.

A fire devastated the former Hôtel de la Perdrix in Saint-Reverien.

Firefighters intervened early Monday, February 28, about a fire at the former Hôtel de la Perdrix in Saint-Reverien. By 7:30 a.m., the flames were brought under control. “I was sitting at the computer when I saw a red light coming from the street,” testifies a local resident. […]. The flame was huge! They climbed out of the windows.” Our article to find out here.

The end of the mask in the bars and restaurants of Nivernais: “It’s a relief”

Bars and restaurants are no longer subject to the mandatory wearing of a mask from Monday, February 28th. Customers and professionals from Nièvre give their opinion on this new measure. The news is not the same everywhere in the Nivernaise communes. Read our report here.

Restaurant tickets, tobacco prices, price tags… What will change from March 1, 2022

Measures are being taken to support the French hotel and restaurant sector with restaurant tickets. In addition, some packs of cigarettes will rise in price; the increase should be about ten cents on average. Read more here.

Throwing hammer, javelin, discus: popular choreography at the Stade Baratte in Nevers.

The Stade Baratte in Nevers on Sunday, February 27, became the venue for the Burgundy Franche-Comté long-range shooting championship. Hammer, disk, spear, many disciplines bordering on choreography. Read our report here.

Chilli candy: a new food truck will travel around Never and its environs

Rachel Gens will open her food truck on Tuesday March 1st in Nevers. Ambition of a young woman: to represent all Creole cuisine. In Nevers, as well as in Poug, La Charité, Varennes-Vozelles and Cher. More information to find out here.

The teachers of the Rotunda school in Nevers are launching an online kitty for discovery class.

Kindergarten teachers from Rotonde has launched an online wallet to fund a research class of 22 high school students. Initiative to compensate for cuts in municipal subsidies. Find the details of the article here.

It is necessary to cut down the linden in Place Thevenard in the center of Nevers.

The sick, linden in Place Thevenard in the center of Nevers must be cut down. Here you will find our documents about previous felled trees in Nevers.

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