LG OLED65C1 review, online

In recent weeks, many of you have asked us to test the LG C1 Oled series TVs. Undoubtedly, the price cuts on these models due to the upcoming release of the vintage 2022 C2 series are due to your requests. On the way to a detailed study of the LG OLED65C1…

Among your many questions about the LG C1 series of TVs, there is a recurring question about choosing one of these models in regards to LG G1 Evo-branded screens and the resulting increase in brightness.

How about LG OLED65C1 vs LG OLED65CX and LG OLED65G1?

Without revealing the content of our test further, know that if the C1 and G1 TVs definitely don’t offer the same level of benefits, there is also a significant price difference between these samples. At the same time, the C1 screens are undeniably superior to the 2020 vintage CX, so the Korean engineers did a good job with small-onion SDR rendering and more uniform HDR.

Why/how have teletest sizes changed?

As mentioned in our previous news announcing the Samsung QE65QN95A and LG OLED65G1 TV tests, the LG OLED65C1 certainly benefits from our new diffuser test pattern. With the desire to make our assessments more accessible with multiple levels of reading, depending on the time or technical level of each. But also offer a tool to compare one or more links in the same place, and finally develop a new scalable database to integrate new technologies that will inevitably appear in the TV universe in the coming months and / or future years, and adapt to them without damage to the information already collected. Call…

Changing the grading system

The first drastic change, TV Test Rating now accepts a 10-point scale rather than a star scale, which many of you regretted because it wasn’t accurate enough. It’s really hard to choose between two TVs rated 5 stars or 6 stars. Establishing a true hierarchy will now be easier.

And also, to answer your many requests, the final rating is no longer global, it now materializes the average of the ratings received by the TV in the various test categories set by us, always in agreement with the artist or image specialist. Of course, whoever says the introduction of several notes says that the middle notation is often more severe.

One bad grade can really “break the average”. However, from now on, all TVs will be measured using the same protocol. Finally, higher stiffness also has the advantage of keeping the evaluation consistent with future technologies whose technical superiority is known (eg micro-LED) over all processes currently in vogue.

First level of reading

Thus, you will notice this when reading our LG OLED65C1 test, the first level of reading indicates by means of pictograms the areas of predilection of the diffuser, located next to its general note. Below this initial information, the strengths and weaknesses of the TV are listed, let me remind you for the most important at the level of the first photo of the test stand. This initial flow of information quickly yields the main features of the product for those who do not wish to delve into the test bench.

Second level of reading.

This is followed by the second level of reading with the Technical Verdict section, which takes a closer look at the capabilities of the screen and these characteristics, in particular, aspects of image processing, Smart TV, head of audio, connectors… After reading the technical verdict, you will know almost everything about the features of the TV and its capabilities.

Third level of reading.

The third level of reading is finally for the more tech-savvy, who want to know exactly what the TV is capable of, in particular before and after professional calibration (we told you there is no question of concessions in TV tests, see the introduction). our technical verdict, which lists the various materials used to make our measurements). To reiterate, professional calibration is the only way to appreciate the sound and video quality a TV offers out of the box and after calibration really know what it has to offer.

Final details, as mentioned in the introduction to this news, our work as Romains on the TV test pattern is not yet complete. The screen comparison feature is yet to be developed. We are on it but it will intervene a second time (it doesn’t hurt to publish the tests one by one).

In the meantime, the editors of AVCesar.com invite you to get acquainted with the fruits of their work and the always very complete test of the LG OLED65C1 TV by clicking on the following link: LG OLED65C1.

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