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A course without symptoms, a feverish finale and a check for 26,178 euros at stake: the biggest winner of the week received his three doses. Open his passage to victory in the replay.

When faced with a vaccine, no one reacted the same way. There are those who felt absolutely nothing; those who experienced more or less severe pain along the stung arm; those who had a severe attack of fatigue, which made them dizzy for several hours; and those who were downright sick, sweating and shivering as their antibodies do their thing. When we reach the final table main event, it is the same. Panic, stress, complete loss of funds, or vice versa, maximum concentration and constant composure: it is difficult to know in advance how our body and our brain will behave.

Despite the nickname, which we will qualify as dubious, HeilPfizer seems to fall into the second category. Around deep stacked TFs, with seven players between 21 and 88 blinds, our hero of the day is right in the middle of the line with 43 good blinds. And if we can legitimately expect everyone to watch each other, it’s not: StrokeOfCuck brings in his 25 big blinds on the third hand with ace-10 pierced by ace-king RONALD1NH0 (7th). “Wait, RONALD1NH0, third place finisher in the Main Event Master KO last week?“I hear your question, faithful reader. Myself, who took control of this last table again very early. A fan of the former avid dribbler from Paris Saint-Germain, however, is struggling to cast the spell and leaves the lawn to settle and medium drop.The next elimination does not occur until the 68th hand, when HeilPfizer devours it raw Waffle_Choco on the classic coin toss (6th place). It only takes him twenty hits to sting another short stacker UnuSualPlay (5th, hand #88) and climb into the leader’s chair.

For all appointed Bab0lex manages to save himself by winning a survival coin toss against _Jkeok_ not polished in this area, the one with UnuSualPlay voiced at the very beginning of TF (#5). A twist of fate that hastened his departure soon after, with a new comma signed RONALD1NH0 (4th, #95). With the last three players on the field between 44 and 57 blinds, the match is restarted in full. Unfortunately for him, it is the Brazilian who is about to make the mistake of paying off As-Queen on the mat of a heavily armed Bab0lex with two bearded men. The latter will eventually fool him by calling hero with third pair (#124). So RONALD1NH0 stops at what still sounds back to back a bronze medal that can be redeemed for a match bonus of €13,294, the equivalent of the amount received eight days earlier.

Much more careful in the second half of this finale, HeilPfizer However, he went heads-up, but in an underdog variation with less than 20 blinds to Bab0lex’s 76 blinds. He even ends up on life support on hand 133, with ace-6 in bad position but doing well against ace-jack. He didn’t know it yet, but he just got his immunity. A straight match against two pairs gets him ahead (#139) and a second straight allows him to score a point (#148) before signing a lethal injection on the move. Winamax Series winner in January and Top 50 in March, Bab0lex falls short of the top three, but is the biggest winner we know of him at home, with a second prize of €18,663. HeilPfizer regularly participates in our €10 and €200 MTT tournaments and has many titles (Battle Royale, XTREM, Shooter, Sprint, Ball Trap). And this, while playing in the XTASE finals, took second place with 1773 euros. Would he find a vaccine against defeat?

Main Event €125 – March 27/28/29

1,203 entries (including 240 re-entries) – Prize Pool: €137,142

classify Player Price
one HeilPfizer 26 178 euros
2 Bab0lex 18 663 euros
3 RONALD1NH0 13,294 euros
4 _Jkeok_ 9 460 euros
five UnuSualPlay 6721 euros
6 Waffle_Choco 4765 euros
7 StrokeOfCuck 3368 euros

Full ranking of the main event

Vinamax series

We have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that there will be no Main Event this weekend and next weekend. The good news is that the reason for this absence is none other than start of the Winamax series! Twelve days of intense work, 211 places to ride and a minimum of 23 million euros. As usual, the program for this launch party is breathtaking, notably with three marathon events, two mass starts, a €200,000 Sunday surprise and Day 1A of the Highroller 2 Million tournament. Good luck with your boards!

Main Event at Winamax

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