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Recently, Celine Dion has been worrying her fans, who are interested in her state of health and a possible return to the stage. The physical condition of the singer, who was absent for several months, gave rise to the most insane rumors. Someone whose schedule is usually well-planned took advantage of this brace away from the stage to reconnect with the simplicity of everyday life.

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After canceling the end of your tour Bravery in North America last January, due to severe and persistent muscle spasms, Celine must return to the stage on May 25 when she begins her European tour. It is in Birmingham, England, that she is to be reunited with the scene. Knowing that she disappoints her fans, the artist was forced to return to her roots: taking care of herself. Sharing her news via social media, the singer posted an unequivocal message on her Instagram account, which has over 5 million followers: “Right now I need to focus on my health in order to recover quickly. I want to get out of this as soon as possible.”

Accustomed to his inexhaustible energy and extraordinary resistance, the general public seems to have been surprised by this unforeseen stop. That was enough to get the rumor machine going! Added to this mysterious illness was weight loss, which made the fear even more terrible. Some would go so far as to suspect depression, cancer, or even Alzheimer’s! There has been speculation in some media that a member of Celine’s entourage admitted that she can no longer “get out of bed, move or walk. She suffers from pain in her legs and feet which paralyzes her. She is very weak and has lost a lot of weight.” None of this information has been officially confirmed. It was her sister and godmother Claudette who explained her body, which has become leaner than ever, with these words: “What happens to her hurts. But nothing serious, otherwise she would have told me. Celine confesses without hesitation and asks for advice when something is wrong. I know she has morals. She does not suffer from cancer or Alzheimer’s, as we have read. Celine has had digestive issues for a long time that cause muscle spasms as well as weight loss. On her, who is no longer fat, it can be seen. This disease is not serious, it does not require surgery, but requires long-term medical treatment and a draconian diet.

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While Celine was recovering, some media did not miss the opportunity to criticize the artist, known as always on top. As if she has no right to just be a woman and a mother, and sometimes even sick … Even if Celine can always count on her sister Linda to support her with three children, the star gave an interview at a dental clinic. office where she accompanied her twins, Nelson and Eddie. Then the press freaked out… about his regrowth! paris match even under the title: “A photo that excites …” Really? Is there any cause for concern that a recovering woman does not worry about her paint and continues her mothering activities? Be that as it may, behind the scenes, they say that Celine will indeed return to the stage in the spring, as planned. His friend and early supporter, Michel Drucker, went from few confessions to Gala. “I think she really wants to come back, but that’s out of the question if she’s not in top shape,” he said. She won’t be back unless she’s the Celine we’ve been waiting for. Celine, she hardly sings! Several media outlets in France broadcast this interview with the host that gave Celine her first chance. Of their last meeting in London three years ago, he would confess: “I found her transparent and told her. She replied that she dances a lot, but she has already lost a lot of weight. Obviously, any excuse is good to talk about a star…

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It also seemed like Celine was taking advantage of this hiatus to take her first big steps into film. Guest March 10 at the show See what’s happening liveactor Sam Heughan was asked about his collaboration with Celine Dion on a romantic comedy text for you. Indeed, last October we learned that Celine had landed a film role for this feature film directed by Jim Strause. According to the British comedian, it seems that she has already filmed her scenes to her fullest. Something that will reassure his fans about the state of his health. “This is her acting debut, what an icon! She is incredible; not only is she in the film and she’s really talented and very funny, but she also worked on additional music for the film. She wrote a song especially for us,” Sam Heughan said during this meeting. text for you inspired by the popular German movie of 2016, SMS for Dicha, written by Karoline Herfurth, tells the story of a young woman who decides, after the death of her fiancé, to keep texting him to make up for his painful absence. The singer will have a real role, but she won’t be one of the first two. The couple will instead be played by stars Sam Heughan – Jamie Fraser on the show. Outlander – and Priyanka Chopra – Miss World 2000, at work in Quantico.

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Among her rare public appearances, Celine has demonstrated compassion for Ukrainians through social media. “To you, brave people of Ukraine, we are with you with all our heart,” she wrote. We are shocked and saddened, but also very inspired by your courage… You have our support and our prayers for peace. Celine XX”. Last January, the mother did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of her eldest son, who turned 21 years old. Enrolling at the University of Nevada, he will study management. “Rene-Charles, 21 years of dreams have already passed,” she posted. We gave you life… Thank you so much for this wonderful gift that you gave us to become your parents. From that day on, I really want to see you grow. Your intelligence, your generosity, your courage and your great sensitivity never cease to excite me. We took you from our dreams, holding your hand. Keep exploring and, above all, listen to your heart, knowing that our love will always accompany you so that your own dreams come true now. Happy birthday Rene-Charles! Have fun my man… We love you! TVEC – Papa, Maman, Nelson et Eddy xx … “Most likely, the eldest son Celine will go on a European tour to assist his famous mother.

On March 30, Celine will celebrate her birthday. On his 54th birthday, we wish him health, love, happiness and success. At the professional level, certain anniversaries should also be celebrated. This month, the Céline team remembers the release of the albums Celine Dionreleased March 30, 1992 (30th anniversary), and It’s a new day, offered to the public on March 26, 2002 (20th anniversary) and marked the return of the singer after the birth of her first child, Rene-Charles. Two bright moments in the career of the singer, on whose account there are several dozen …

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