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Indoor screenings, discussions, 5 to 7, Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma returns for its 40th anniversary. From 20 to 30 April, the event will bring together more than 300 entries and will be dedicated to the younger generation, to honor the memory of the great departed, including Jean-Marc Vallee, and will feature a film shot entirely on a mobile phone.

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Alexander Vigno

Alexander Vigno

In January, with cinemas closed again, the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma (RVQC) decided to relocate for a few weeks. The festival, which was supposed to take place at the end of February, has been moved to the end of April. “We made a bold bet that we would have complete freedom of action to organize the event we wanted. We seem to have made the right decision,” says Olivier Bilodeau, Programming Director.

According to Olivier Bilodeau, indoor displays, discussions and other opportunities to meet artisans are at the heart of the event organized in 1982. “It is in our name,” he says, “that we are called assemblies. Thus, moviegoers are indeed invited to theaters, especially the Monument National, the Quebec Cinematheque, and the Latin Quarter of the Odeon Cineplex.

Hints about the pandemic, most films will also be available online across Canada (at for people who can’t move around and those who aren’t ready to go to the cinema yet. For now, this is a temporary measure and not a strategy that should work in the long term.

“We believe in home theater, we believe in meetings, meetings, it’s part of our DNA,” insists Olivier Bilodeau. We don’t just want it to be a meeting of the viewer with the image on the screen, we want to experience cinema together. We want to put our energy into creating an indoor festival and creating events. »

77 prime


Noemi says yes

Of the 320 works in his program of premieres, 77, including Noemi says yes, the edgy film we feel when we watch its trailer, which shows Noemi getting caught up in a pimp’s net. It’s a film that is “captivating,” the programming director agrees, but “which is also full of sensitivity and hope.”

This first film features Genevieve Albert starring Kelly Depot, a revelation at the latest Iris Awards. According to Olivier Bilodeau, by choosing it as the first film, RVQC wants to promote “renewal cinema”, the rising generation of creators.

This desire to look to the future, or at least to the resourcefulness of the younger generation, is also felt in the performance Very good daythe second film by Patrice Laliberte, who made a name for himself thanks to Until sunset, the first Quebec film distributed on Netflix. After the world of preppers, the director seems to be exploring the world of the conspirators (“Since 2012, we’ve been living in a simulation,” the trailer says).

“This film is different in that it was filmed entirely on a mobile phone. Patrice and his actor Guillaume Laurent, as well as other people from his film crew, will come and tell us about it as part of a film lesson, emphasizes the director of programming for RVQC. We thought it was important to highlight this new guard who uses the tools at his disposal. »

40are RVQC will also premiere Inesthird film by René Beaulieu, scammersa satirical comedy by Luke Godbow with Christina Beaulieu, among others, and HumusCarol Poliquin, documentary on agricultural soil health.



A tribute will also be paid to Jean-Claude Lauzon, who passed away 25 years ago this year.

No film by Jean-Marc Vallee, who died in December, is included in the RVQC program, but this issue is dedicated to him. His memory will be commemorated, in part, through an evening of improvisation (an art he apparently practiced in his youth) inspired by his cinema. We will highlight the contributions of Rok Demers and Jean-Claude Lorde in the presentation frog and whaleproduced by the first and directed by the second.

There will also be a tribute to Jean-Claude Lauzon, who passed away 25 years ago this year, with the presentation of two of his short films (beer as well as super mayor) and two of his feature films: night zoo (which celebrates its 35th anniversary) and Leolo (of which 30as well as birthday).

What remains of this director more than two decades after his death? Olivier Bilodeau evades: “We will have a roundtable to talk about it! Producer Roger Frappier, actor Gaston Lepage (a good friend of Lauzon), editor Michel Arcand and director of photography Guy Dufour will take part in the discussion moderated by Natalie Petrovski.

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