Sony created the Netflix of video games, how to access it at the best price on PS4 and PS5?

News good deal Sony created the Netflix of video games, how to access it at the best price on PS4 and PS5?

Thunderbolt in the world of video games. Sony is finally responding to the growing popularity of Xbox GamePass and creating its own “Netflix of video games”! This new service is a radical evolution of the current PlayStation+ and PlayStation Now.

The first thing to understand is that this new PS+ is split into 3 very different subscriptions.

Firstly, PlayStation Plus basics. If you are an active PS+ subscriber, you will be automatically switched to this offer. When this happens, you will not gain or lose anything compared to what you have now. That’s what PlayStation Plus Essential offers: two or three free games every month, access to online modes, exclusive promotions, and the ability to store your saves in the cloud. As before.

PlayStation Plus annual subscription for 59€ at Amazon.

Then there is PlayStation Plus Extra. In addition to all the services we just mentioned, you will have access to download approximately 400 PS4 and PS5 games. Depending on the popularity of the various titles available, there will be constant adjustments (less popular ones are released to make room for something new). We acknowledge the work of PS Now here. That’s good, subscribers of this service are automatically converted to PlayStation + Extra subscribers.

Finally, there is PlayStation+Premium. This is the BIGGEST news. In addition to the services of the previous two subscriptions, you can download a large catalog of games for PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PSP. But that’s not all ! Right now we’re talking about the “video game aspect of Netflix” with the advent of game streaming. In addition to the name of the first consoles mentioned above, you will have streaming access to PS3 and PS4 games… as well as the latest major exceptions signed by PlayStation Studios (limited time, beware)! Even better : the entire streaming component of this subscription will also be available on PC.

This huge update to Sony’s subscription services will happen at the end of June 2022.

Now that the reminder is done, let’s get to the heart of the topic of this article: prices. Sony’s philosophy seems to be the opposite of Microsoft’s at this level.

Xbox GamePass is available for €1 for the first month. The idea is to offer players a very affordable gateway and then try to get them to stay when the price drops to €12.99 with impeccable service. It’s a bit like a free sample business model. “It was good, right? You want more ? We must pay the full price now.”

On Sony’s part, the strategy is to bet on the long term right away. You may not know it, but having a guaranteed regular income is one of the most valuable things for a business. So, regardless of the service, if you pay monthly, you will be much more expensive than if you decide to take a 1 year subscription right away.

  • PlayStation Plus Essential costs €8.99 per month… or 59.99€ for 1 year (i.e. less than 5 euros per month after smoothing over the course of a year).
  • PlayStation Plus Ultra costs €13.99 per month… or 99.99€ for 1 year (just over 8€ per month).
  • PlayStation Plus Premium costs €16.99 per month, which is significantly more expensive than GamePass Ultimate. But if you pay 119.99€ Suddenly for an annual subscription you get it for just under 10 euros per month after the year’s report, which is significantly cheaper than GamePass Ultimate.

Therefore, in order to get the best price, it is better to use long-term subscriptions. If you don’t want or can’t withdraw too much money at once, we have a tip: sign up for PlayStation Plus now.

We explain why and how. By subscribing to classic PS+ for a year or even 2 today, you will get it for 59.99 euros. Your subscription will be converted to PS+ Essential in June. But at this point, your console will also prompt you to upgrade what you already have to upgrade to Ultra or Premium. There you will only pay the price difference between the two services. Basically, a PS+ subscription now lets you pay for PlayStation Plus Premium at the best price in two installments.

PlayStation Plus annual subscription for 59€ at Amazon.

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