Starfield: According to the design director, the players will “go crazy”!

Game news Starfield: According to the design director, the players will “go crazy”!

Coming to Xbox Series and PC on November 11, 2022, Starfield is starting to unfold faster and faster. We’re still waiting for the first gameplay snippets, but that doesn’t stop the developers from regularly speaking out about the ambitions of the game billed as “Skyrim in Space”.

Starfield is the product of many years of work from hundreds of peopleand Bethesda clearly wishes to single out the most representative of them.

Emil Pagliarulo, veteran who created and wrote Starfield.

In a very recent blog post, the publisher, now owned by Microsoft, inquired Emil Pagliarulo, Design Director and Author of Starfield. The latter is an industry veteran present since 19 years at Bethesda and over 25 years in video games. To give an idea, he started his career on Thief Goldclose to Looking Glass Studios.

Typical day? Building a game like Starfield in the midst of a pandemic? This doesn’t exist! The role of any developer can vary greatly depending on the progress of the project. In the beginning, during pre-production, my role was to develop the storyline for this new universe, our first new license in 20 years, which was both fun and scary. (…)

Now that we are fully operational, I spend most of my time meeting with the designers, helping them with their tasks, and constantly testing the game to evaluate our progress and see what needs to be changed. The unofficial slogan of our studio is: “Great games are played, not made.” This means we need to experience Starfield the way a player would, at every stage of development. (…)

Starfield: Players "go crazy" according to the designer!

A development that takes place under the best auspices?

Emil Pagliarulo then talks about his career at Bethesda. especially highlighting Fallout 3, because it was his first time leading a team, and Bethesda had just acquired a license. However, it seems very happy with how things are going nowand so on Starfield:

Now I’m really happy when I help other designers reach their full potential. Whether it’s sharing ideas with them, playing their quests and giving them feedback, or just sharing your experience with them. Nothing, really nothing compares to that feeling at the end of a meeting with designers when they are truly motivated. They are full of enthusiasm. And you helped them in this direction.

Starfield: Players "go crazy" according to the designer!

Emil Pagliarulo is convinced players will love Starfield

Omitting statements about Emil Pagliarulo’s professional relationship with Todd Howard, which you can find in full interviewto focus on our subject, namely Microsoft’s BIGGEST game of the end of the year which, as a reminder, will arrive as soon as it appears in Game Pass. For the designer and author, this is an unprecedented project. He triggers ad, productionmoment when the pieces of the puzzle began to fit together, and influence that Starfield could have on players:

It’s one thing to say that we’re about to create the first new studio franchise in twenty years. Doing this is different. It’s been amazing to watch Starfield evolve into this great game step by step and unlock SO many new things. There comes a time when you’re working on a game when everything is a mess, especially in the beginning, because that’s the reality of video game development.

But when you get to the point where the systems start to come online, everything starts to work and you see that it all brings to life the vision you had at the beginning of the adventure… When it first appeared on Starfield, there was a moment “ABOUT. Wow. Yes. It’s… really something unique. Players will definitely like it (“go crazy” in English, editor’s note). Now we just have to finish!

Starfield: Players "go crazy" according to the designer!

Among his sources of inspiration, he mentions the many Xbox games he played, bragging about (fairly) game result 168 000. For him, all these games are a constant source of inspiration, but he also mentions other games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man or Cyberpunk 2077. For him, creating such an open and big like a night city very difficult, but above all very impressive.

Now we hope to be able to put the images at the word of the developers. The title has been illustrated with many pieces of art, some of which can be found in this article, but we I haven’t seen any gameplay videos yet.. The game comes out in just over six months, we hope that this “gap”, given all the circumstances, will be quickly filled.

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