Thanks to the bioethics law, Emeline and Matilda are officially Elia’s two mothers.

Elia was born on July 5, 2021. Her two mothers have just received birth certificates proving their paternity. (©La Manche Press/Jean-Paul BARBIER)

The journey has been long, but the reward is well worth the effort. Emeline and Matilda are Elia’s mothers.was born in July 2021. Written in black and white, Cherbourg civil status certificate (channel), which they received a few days ago, in mid-March.

They are first couple from the Cotentin (and one of the first in France) to implement, thanks to the bioethics law promulgated on August 2, mother’s postpartum confession.

Officially Mom

When the official document arrived, Emeline, the “public mother” of the little girl, could not hold back her tears. She won’t have to adopt Elia and now the relationship is established and she will stay in her daughter’s life no matter what happens. “It’s a real relief,” says Matilda, who was carrying the baby.

If a decision had to be made for our daughter, such as hospitalization, there was nothing my partner could do. What if something happened to me? Now we both have the same rights.


PMA in Spain

Emeline and Matilda met ten years ago. In September 2020, after the first postponement due to Covid, they were able to say yes in front of their loved ones.

Very quickly, their desire to start a family grew. They then approached Les Enfants d’arc-en-ciel, an association based in Paris, for advice. They know it: having a baby won’t be easy.

When we launched this project, immediately after our union, we did not have the opportunity to resort to PMA (medicated insemination) in France. Therefore, we contacted a clinic in Barcelona.


La Normande takes a series of exams and the first video appointment is set for November. several thousand euros needed to finance the trip and the intervention.

It was in complete isolation. We needed to provide three or four certificates to go to Spain.

A few weeks later, this deliverance: the first attempt will be correct. Matilda is pregnant.

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Law on bioethics comes into force

In the minds of the young women, the situation is clear: Emeline will be on her way. adoption process after birth. “At that time, the law on bioethics was already on the table, but there was no real progress. Their little girl was born two months early, in July.

Only a month after his birth, the law on bioethics came into force. She allows lesbian couples to practice assisted reproduction in France. And recognizes their status as mothers, in the plural, subject to the joint recognition of the child before the notary before his birth. Women who entered PMA prior to this legislation, like our two Manchoises, have three years to apply.

So Emeline and Matilda went to another course, this time administrative.

First we went to our notary who was not familiar with this procedure. After taking the time to figure it out, he set us up with a postnatal acknowledgment of motherhood.

A form that makes Emeline and Matilda Elia mothers in their own right.
A form that makes Emeline and Matilda Elia mothers in their own right. (©La Manche Press/Jean-Paul BARBIER)

The couple handed over this document to the registry office of Cherbourg. “What we didn’t know was that we first needed go through the prosecutor’s office. This was done in early October.

“Society is changing”

Their file is up to date, they still had to wait. “In Cherbourg, the registry office software is not updated. Therefore, they were unable to register our request. »

On March 16, the news came and their journey was finally over. “For me, it was exactly the same joy as finding out that I was pregnant. It took a lot of patience, but we made it. We would like to tell couples in our situation thatnever give up. »

When we met, we couldn’t even get married. However, in recent years we have seen a number of developments. Society is developing.


To the delight of this couple… and many others!

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