“Tried a Porsche GT3 in pajamas and slippers”

INTERVIEW – RMC Découverte launches season 7 of its in-car entertainment with Philippe Lelouch, Le Tonet, Bruce Joinny and Luc Alphand. This year, the show is refocusing on cars and eschews a bit of quirky hang-gliding or airplane themes. The Tone explains what’s in store for fans of the series….

TV MAGAZINE. Why this steering wheel?

Tone. – It’s not a change of direction. But we are very sensitive to our audience and we know that most of them are car enthusiasts who follow the show. These are not just people craving entertainment and laughter. Therefore, this year we paid attention to cars that were not necessarily used for jokes. We have focused on what makes up the basis of the car. For example, Japanese cars, which are very few.

Did you like it?

Oh yeah! We made a big story about the new Toyota Yaris GR, a very good city car, a bit “harsh”, which I really liked. We are trying to find out if he is a worthy heir to the entire history of Japanese sports cars. Basically, it doesn’t change the tone of the show much, but we need more time to learn and explain the history of cars, in short, to talk about cars. We left less to have fun on a plane or a hang glider. This is also due to Covid reasons, which severely limited the possibilities of movement.

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What else can we expect?

We will see a topic about the best survival car. Naturally, Philip took the Bentley, and I chose the Dacia Duster. It does the same thing as the Bentley, but one less zero. The show was followed by Ko-Lanta members Laurent Mestret, Loic Ryoval and Claude Dartois. The mood this season is great. The interview format has changed a bit, the sets are shorter and the shows are longer. Bruce and I are doing guest interviews this year, occasionally with Luke. We received François Allen, who represents Vintage Mecanic, as well as Jerry Blijenberg and Aurélien Leteu from Wheeler Dealers France. I also challenged Johann Zarco with an Audi RS6…

Are there any changes to the series?

We abandoned the off-road track. People didn’t like it very much and our loyal supporters told us they didn’t think it was great. So we took over the old circuit, but with a new formula: guests come with their own car or we provide them with the one they want.

Have you tested “fire pumps” yet?

I tried the new Porsche 911 GT3. To do this, I put myself in the place of the person who is going to buy it, not the owner. So I was in pajamas and slippers in my Porsche… obviously, like everyone else! (Laughs).

Was there an event that you particularly remember?

I really enjoyed the Paris-Dakar special because I discovered the facets of Luc. I shared the experience of a guy who made a race and won it. I was driving and he gave me advice. We got married. And then on the track in Dijon, I exploded. We burst into fits of laughter because we are in pairs. One draws behind the car, and the other behind the wheel. It was epic.

And the car in particular?

If I have to remember just one occasion this season, I would say GT3. She is super perfect. This is a very serious but funny product. Obviously Ferrari is more exclusive, but in general, no manufacturer offers such a comprehensive package as Porsche does at the moment. For me, this is the best brand. With it you can go to Tours, then to Le Castellet and return home. You have never been bored. It is beautiful, durable, with a very good finish. This is the world’s best travel and touring box.

No trip this year?

Yes, one in Andalusia where the three of us laughed at making the show. And another in Norway with 100% electric vehicles: Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo, Audi RS E-tron GT and Kia EV6.

Personal projects?

Automoto, the channel has a desire to continue “Rétromania” and “Les Grandes Heures de l’automobile”. So I’m going to have a busy year. I would also like to be on the podium at the end of the French Mitjet Series and climb the Scratch podium.

A few words about your appearance… Always the same?

I always dress the same, otherwise it would be a lot less fun.

Philippe Lelouch has changed. He grew his hair…

I believe that this is not hair, but threads! I tried to touch them, but every time he was wary… You have to ask him this question. Laughs.

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