Update on Russian Invasion of Ukraine – March 30, 2022 11:01 AM

Residents wait for food to be distributed near a church in Trostianets, Ukraine, March 29, 2022. (AFP/FADEL SENNA) #

The situation on the ground, international reaction, sanctions: on the issue of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

– Despite promises, Chernihiv was bombed –

The city of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine was bombed “all night long”, the region’s governor said on Wednesday, despite a statement by Moscow the day before to reduce military activity in the zone.

“All night Chernihiv was shelled” by artillery and aircraft, Governor Vyacheslav Chaus said on Telegram, adding that the civilian infrastructure had been destroyed and the city still had no water or electricity.

On Tuesday, Russia announced a “decline in military activity” around Kyiv and Chernihiv following peace talks, a statement that Ukraine and its Western allies met with skepticism, even as President Volodymyr Zelensky reported “positive” signs of talks.

– Mariupol maternity hospital was forcibly evacuated to Russia –

The mayor of Mariupol on Wednesday condemned the forced evacuation to Russia of a maternity hospital in the besieged city in southeastern Ukraine, where the Russians blew up another maternity hospital on March 9.

– Lavrov proclaims a more “fair” world order –

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday announced a fairer world order in partnership with China during his first visit to the country since invading Ukraine.

“We are going through a very serious stage in the history of international relations,” said the head of the Kremlin diplomacy, opening a bilateral meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.

Map of the situation in Ukraine as of March 30 at 8:00 Moscow time (AFP/)

Map of the situation in Ukraine as of March 30 at 8:00 Moscow time (AFP/)

“I am convinced that at the end of this stage, the international situation will become much clearer, and together with you and with our supporters we will move towards a multipolar, just, democratic world order,” he began. Chinese minister.

– Gas: Germany activates its contingency plan –

Germany activated on Wednesday the first level of its emergency plan to guarantee natural gas supplies in the face of the threat of a cut in supplies from Russia, the economy minister said.

“Now a crisis team has been set up in the ministry” to monitor the situation, since the G7 rejected the Russian request for payment in rubles, Robert Habek explained.

The reserves are currently 25% full, the minister said, noting that cutting off supplies would have “serious consequences” but Germany “can handle it.”

– Risk of Arbitrary Arrest of Americans in Russia –

American citizens in Russia risk being arbitrarily arrested by authorities, the US State Department warned Tuesday, which renewed its call not to travel to the country or to leave immediately.

– French companies urged to comply with sanctions against Moscow –

French companies must apply the sanctions imposed on Russia, “all sanctions and nothing but sanctions,” Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Wednesday, days after the Ukrainian president urged them to leave Russia.

– Russia is accused of causing the global food crisis –

A damaged Russian tank on March 29, 2022 near the town of Trostyanets in Ukraine (AFP/FADEL SENNA)

A damaged Russian tank on March 29, 2022 near the town of Trostyanets in Ukraine (AFP/FADEL SENNA)

Before the UN Security Council on Tuesday, Russia was accused of causing a “global food crisis” or even putting people at risk of “starvation” by unleashing a war against Ukraine, “the breadbasket of Europe.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin started this war. He created this world food crisis. And it is he who can stop him,” Wendy Sherman, number two, told American diplomacy during a meeting of the Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. .

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